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Must Eat Foods In Winters

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Must Eat Foods In Winters

Every season change brings with itself tons of pros and cons. When winter arrives, we should be prepared to keep our health at its best. There are flu viruses everywhere and also season change may affect our mood. Getting the proper nutrients and vitamins will be an asset in fighting any health issues. Also, winter food is too yummy to resist.

Some of the most commonly eaten food items are:

Sweet potatoes:

They are packed with vitamin A and vitamin C. They are a much better source of beta-carotene than some of the green leafy vegetables. This beta-carotene is a wonderful antioxidant. Sweet potatoes are easily available on a year-round basis. It also has anti-inflammatory agents like anthocyanin. People see potatoes as starch-rich tumors which can have adverse effects on diabetics but studies have shown that sweet potatoes can, in fact, regulate the blood sugar levels.


The beautiful shiny red juicy seeds of pomegranates are filled with tons of nutrients. As a power-packed antioxidant, pomegranate helps in removing free radicals. These free radicals may oxidize LDL cholesterol. It is beneficial in improving heart-related health issues. The pomegranate juice aids in proper blood flow which in turn keeps our heart healthy as a horse. Digestion issues can also be cured by the consumption of pomegranates.

Citrus fruits:

Winter is the best time to eat citrus fruits like oranges, blood oranges, sweet lime, limes, grapefruit, etc. They are loaded with vitamin C and they also keep you hydrated in this dreary season. They also supply potassium, calcium, folate and vitamin A. They help in the prevention of many cardiovascular diseases and also may be an aid to cancer due to skin damage.

Chicken broth:

Prepared using chicken bones, chicken scraps, carrots, onions, and celery; chicken broth is very healthy during this harsh weather. It is low in calories and fat. It is very to digest which is a benefit to those who are suffering from some gut issues. It is a mineral-rich broth as it provides 200 milligrams of potassium and 70 milligrams of phosphorous in an 8-ounce serving.


Jaggery or Gur is prepared from unrefined sugar. It has numerous health benefits such as it can help women fight PMS symptoms and also provides relief from menstrual cramps. Many people prefer eating jaggery after a meal because it helps in getting rid of constipation and thus, improving digestion. It is a great immunity booster and it also cleanses our liver.

It is a beautiful season to enjoy and keep yourself healthy. Definitely, try out these yummy food items to satisfy yourself.

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