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Meditation Is The Best Medicine For Human Body

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Meditation Is The Best Medicine For Human Body

We have all been hurt at some point in our lives. That is how we grow. That is how we learn. Some wounds are physical which get cured with the help of few medicines. Some attack us from within- emotionally, mentally or spiritually. These take longer to recover and maybe more hurtful. Sometimes medicine doesn't help. Medicine can get you relief from the pain for some time, it can repair your body physically, but it cannot convince your body to put itself back together. The reach of medicine is limited. But there is one thing that can reach out to the possibilities one can hardly imagine- our mind.

Meditation is the key which makes our mind stronger. It helps to improve the functionalities of our brain. Meditation helps in countless ways, some of them are:

Removes stress:

Medicine cannot reach to the main cause of stress. It can help you bear it and make you a little numb but meditation attacks the core of stress. Prolonged stress can be cured if we try meditation on a regular basis.

Fights anxiety and depression:

Depression and anxiety feed off of each other. If you want to be calm and composed then you need to quiet down the thoughts that run through your mind like a neverending film. Meditation releases our mind from the restrains of these thoughts.

Improves concentration:

When you meditate, you focus on something. It could be an image, an object or number count. This regular focus helps increase your concentration, it also boosts up your memory.

Reduces the risk of heart attack:

Meditation controls the breathing rate as well as heart rate. It increases the oxygen level in our mind and also encourages normal blood pressure. All these factors reduce the cardiovascular risks and promote healthy living.

Helps to improve sex life:

The secret to looking sexy is feeling sexy. Meditation helps you feel sexier in your own skin. It can help you to connect with your fully. It also improves your response to touch. It makes your mind quiet and in turn, helps you to embrace your feelings in a better way.

Helps in decision making:

There are many crucial decisions that one takes in his lifetime. If these decisions are taken hastily and without giving much thought about then our life may not be pleasant. When our mind is healthy and free of rambling thoughts, our options seem clearer. This, in turn, improves the ability to understand these options better as well as results in good decision-making abilities.

Make your mind a weapon of mass creation through meditation. Build up positive thoughts and keep your mind healthy.

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