Make Weddings Memorable with Wedding Party Catering Services

Make Weddings Memorable with Wedding Party Catering Services

If you and your fiancée have planned to get married, then it is time to start the planning to have the perfect event. From the smallest things such as the flowers and Limousine and the more significant things such as the venue and menu, each has to be planned to perfection. Both of you have probably imagined a hundred scenarios of your special day. They were childish, romantic, goofy and possibly crazy in terms of decor and activities. But most importantly, they were yours, and they deserve to see the light of the day.

Now every aspect of this wedding-plan depends on one single detail, your wedding venue. There are a lot of options to choose from, your friends and family might urge you to go for the cheapest one or the swankiest one. But it is you two who should decide. You are the 'IT' couple of the hour, and your choice and budget will dictate the menu, venue and budget.

Wedding Catering service

Let's just look at the choice of venues which will also affect the Melbourne wedding planning caterers you will have to finalise for your big day.

1. Restaurants

It can be the first high-end eatery you both visited on a Friday evening. And the sparks flew hence on. When it comes to catering services from restaurants, expect the best dishes on the table and well-fed customers. You can choose your decor, table settings, buffet style and a lot more. Make sure there is enough space for your guests. Check out if they can feed your guest list, or if they tie-up with outside caterers to meet the demand. When it comes to decor, scale out the restaurant to understand the structure and space you'll need for your favourite decorations.

2. Parks and halls

Parks and halls are perfect for party caterers and you to design the menu, guest list, and themes. The amount of space you'll get for furniture placement, decor and everything can be planned, befitting your theme. You can also choose a park or an abandoned warehouse and convert it into a perfect venue for your wedding. Make sure your caterer has enough space to manage the food and drinks. Make sure to discuss all this with the best birthday & wedding catering services in Melbourne, before booking the venue.

Now while you choose from the venues, there are a few things you have to share with your wedding caterer to make your party memorable.

1. Choose Your Favorite People

As the first step, you'll need to shortlist your guests. Speak to everyone close to you and come up with a list of people with whom you wish to share the joy. This list is vital. Your wedding venue and party caterers menu will largely depend on the number and type of people attending the event.

2. Budget

Every venue and caterer calls for a different budget. Finalizing the budget is necessary to decide the cost of every item, including the menu. Save up and plan your budget from individual activities. Here are the things to keep on the budget list:
- The cost of decoration
- Your allocation for the catering service
- An emergency fund for last-minute additions

3. Sync

Make sure your chosen venue can fit in your dream wedding in Melbourne. It should be able to hold your personal touches on the event while giving ample space to the caterer to offer a menu that your guests will remember for a long time.

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On your wedding day, let your vision become a reality and capture memories for a lifetime. Remember, you want to be beaming on your wedding day to get the perfect photos, so plan in detail and involve your caterer every step of the way.

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