Lesser Known Indian Sports

Lesser Known Indian Sports

Talking about the vibrancy and richness, India has been on the top. Rich civilization and great traditions make this country a beautiful treasure. India has been active in sports activities since the old times. It is believed that it is as ancient as the Mahabharat. At the time of The Mughals, several games and sports were played which are still popular in various parts of the country. As the time passed on numerous types of games and sports came into the play. People in several parts of India started to create their own versions of activities, to show their physical and mental strength.

Still, there are a number of Indian sports which have not been in the sight of the public. So, let us try to find out about these sporting events which have not gotten into the limelight:

  • Elephant Polo

You might have heard of playing polo on a horse which is quite popular in several countries. But playing polo with elephants is absolutely not what we see everyday. Polo was originated in India in the 13th Century. It was played normally using horses but the as the years passed the traditions changed. The royal kings started to play polo with elephants. Sometimes camels also take place of elephants.

  • Gatka

Gatka is a form of Martial art performed by the people of Sikh religion. During the 15th century, Gatka was used for self-defense. It was a part of battle techniques. In the 19th century, it was turned into a sport. Wooden sticks are used by the players called “Soti” to attack. “Farri” is a shield which helps in defending against the attack.

  • Yubi Lakpi

This sport was originated in Manipur. It is like rugby but played a little differently. Coconut is used as a ball. The name itself means “coconut snatching” giving a good idea of the sport. Players rub their bodies with oil to increase the difficulty of catching the opponent’s body. Another interesting rule is to soak the coconut ball in oil. This game is still unknown to people outside Manipur.

  • Rural Olympics

Did you know that we have our own Olympics? Yes, it exists because of Inder Singh Grewal. In 1933, He thought of giving a platform to local farmers for showcasing their abilities and strengths. It isn’t a countrywide sport. Kila Raipur is the event location which is around 19 km from Ludhiana. This is why it is also called Kila Raipur Sports Festival. Several types of activities are done here like Kabaddi, balancing cycle with teeth, horse cart racing etc.

  • Jallikattu

Jallikattu is really an ancient game; it is being played from 200 BC. Tamil Nadu is the place where it originated. Participants are needed to bring strong bulls to win prize money. Stronger bulls increase the chances of winning. It is still played with full energy and good intentions.

  • MallaKhamb

A traditional sport with lots of physical strength needed. It came in notice in the 12th century. It involves a vertical wooden pole or sometimes a rope. It is a form of gymnastics mixed with martial arts. Body and mental balance is a must.

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