Learning Foreign Languages on-the-go Made Easier by Inlingua New Delhi

Learning Foreign Languages on-the-go Made Easier by Inlingua New Delhi

Language learning is no longer a mere hobby. In today’s globalizing world, learning a foreign language comes with great benefits not only for an individual but also for an organization. With companies turning into multinational organizations, a candidate with expertise in a foreign language has better chances of landing the job. A pioneer in foreign language learning, inlingua New Delhi is on its way to make language learning more accessible than ever.

After the commendable success of its online education program inlingua Online Learning (iOL), inlingua New Delhi is planning to add another feather to its hat by starting virtual classroom program for its students and other language enthusiasts. Creating a community of tech-savvy learning, the premier language school had earlier introduced iOL with the aim of facilitating learning even when the students are not in the class.

A unique alternative to a conventional classroom, inlingua Virtual Classroom provides an opportunity to learn and practice a language without being physically bound to a local inlingua center. “It works like a face-to-face webinar, providing you a dynamic environment to interact with your trainer and fellow students. We are also providing the language learners with a large number of online exercises through the iOL tool. All they need to be a part of our Virtual Classrooms is a computer with integrated audio and webcam,” quipped Mr Pankaj, an instructor at inlingua New Delhi.

Founded in Switzerland in 1968, Inlingua International has made its way to become one of the world’s leading language training organizations by teaching more than 345 languages across Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Inlingua provides custom-made language courses after assessing the needs of its prospective students, which include thousands of individuals as well as some top-notch business organizations.

inlingua New Delhi MD Vikram Bajaj talked about the language school’s next venture in the online education market. He said, “A large number of students in India remain unable to access educational facilities due to several factors like lack of time for commuting, busy schedules, etc. This makes classroom learning a tough task for such students.”

He added, “At inlingua New Delhi, we aim at bridging the gap between a potential language learner and the obstacles that lie in the path of learning. Instead of making the students to come to the classroom, we are taking the classroom to the students. Through our Virtual classroom program, we intend to make the language learning process easy, fun, interesting and more informative – all at the same time.”

So, whether you would like to study while on vacation, at home, or during a business trip – inlingua Virtual Classroom is there for language enthusiasts yearning to be free of time and locational constraints.

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