Know these before availing of a pick and drop facility online

Know these before availing of a pick and drop facility online

Do you want to avail a pick and delivery service in Ahmedabad and want to transfer some items? There are a few things that you got to know in such cases.

Of course, this can come in very handy if you have to send some items in difficult or exigency situations such as lockdowns.

Here is what you have to know-

Does it provide retail, commercial, or both types of services?

There is a difference between such pick and drop facilities based on services to the type of clients they provide.

While some agencies will be working with either retail or commercial clients only some agencies will be working for both sets of clients. But still having the information in prior can help you save time.

You can check this out easily from their website or by calling on the customer helpline number.

What is the range of the delivery services?

What is the range of delivery services? Is the pickup & drop service in ahmedabad only? Or can you send it to other cities or other states in India?

This is most likely to be based on the reach of any pick and drop servicing agency.

Sometimes larger agencies will not only work domestically but internationally as well.

Does it provide any transit insurance?

Transit insurance is a cover that allows you to make your goods insured while it is in transit. But the problem is that not all the pick, not all agencies providing pick and delivery service in Ahmedabad are willing to provide it.

But this might surely come in handy if you are sending any costly item or fragile or perishable item and that too in bulk amounts.

Does it provide emergency pick and drop services?

Emergencies can crop up at any time of the day. They will always surprise you. In such cases having the number of an agency providing door to door pickup and delivery in Ahmedabad might be a huge sigh of relief.

You can call them or even place the order online using app-based services or from their website.

The only thing you need to find is the charges in such emergency orders as they will be generally higher.

What if I lose my package midway?

Losing your package midway is an immediate responsibility of the pick and drop servicing agency.

Generally, if you have taken for an insurance cover you will get back the entire money, or else you end up getting back only a partial amount as a refund.

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