Know About Different Investment Avenues

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Know About Different Investment Avenues

In today’s scenario, everybody wants to earn money in short time. People try to find many ways to invest their money so that they will get the maximum amount of profit. There are different investment plans which are available in the market to attract investors. There are many people and companies in the market who offer you different plans and advise you about investing money in their project. Many investors did not aware about market plans and invest their money in different plans and got loss. So here we are discussing different types of plan where you can invest your money.

  1. Share Market-

It is always preferred by the people who have some knowledge of share market. Beginners also invest into this with the help of brokers and financial advisers. You can not directly invest in shares, in order to invest to invest into this you need to open a Demat account, you need to take help of broker who can bid on your behalf as per your instructions. Investors must follow the market fluctuations and depth knowledge of their portfolio to get good returns. It has high risk with high returns (subjected to your portfolio).

  1. Banking Investments -

Banks are also providing some investment options. It is the traditional way of most of the Indian middle-class sector to invest their money as it has no risk. Banks provides some fixed rates of interest on these investment options. Some most popular plans are fixed deposits, recurring deposits, bonds etc. in this banks takes the money for a fixed period of time and further invest it and gives a fixed return on it. it contains no risk and low or fixed returns.

  1. Mutual Fund.

Mutual funds ruled by SEBI and it is becoming very popular these days as any person who doesn’t have much knowledge have much knowledge of share market can also invest into this and get moderate or high returns. There are many asset management companies in market with their different plan as per your requirement. In mutual fund portfolio managed by fund managers who are experts in this field and have vast knowledge of market. You also get the help of financial advisers you can suggest you the plans as per your risk-taking and accordingly you can get returns. In mutual funds, you have different options in investment modes as you can invest your money in lump sum or SIP (systematic investment plans). Investing in mutual fund has moderate risk and returns.

4- real estate market –

Real estate market is a very stag native market. Its moment is very slow as it grows slowly. In real estate, we can get high returns and it was most popular investment options. In real-estate investors cannot enjoy the liquidity of money for a long time. and it depends on the interest rates as you need to lend money from the market in case you don’t have sufficient funds.

4) Insurance:

Life Insurance is the safest way to invest money. This type of investment will give you lifetime warranty and provide benefits in different situation like accident, studies or many more. It will give benefits after your death and give financial support to your family .

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