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It’s All Hidden in Body Language

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It’s All Hidden in Body Language

The language that is transmitted more with the usage of the human body, the language that doesn’t require any word for communication is what defines body language. It is the point that makes it both powerful and naive as well.

To be more precise, body language can be defined as the non-verbal element in any conversation through which the humans reveal their true feelings or emotions. It includes the body gestures, the facial expressions, and the body posture as well. Understanding how they affect any communication begins with “reading” them so you can use it in your favor. Understanding the body language will help you in understanding what the other person is trying to say in a more efficacious manner. It also helps people in understanding the reality behind the reactions of others to what they say or do.

Your body language plays a very important role in how people see you as well. Understanding it will facilitate you in adjusting it in your own favor. You can appear to be more confident, approaching. Positive and engaging as well with correct body language.

How a Person Can Project a Positive and Confident Body Language?

A person can be more open to you when you use positive body language as it makes you look “approaching”. It can add positivity to the verbal messages as well. You look more confident in your opinions and ideas. It also helps the other person as you can avoid sending any mixed signals which are quite confusing.

Having an open posture is one common way to project a more approaching personality. Posture plays an important role in how a person is projecting himself in front of others. Your posture should be relaxing, not slouchy, just relaxed. Standing or sitting upright is one way to do it. Also while standing to place your hands by your side. Don’t stand arms folded. Also, avoid placing your hands on your wrists as that projects you as one aggressive communicator.

The second way to project a correct body language is by maintaining good eye contact. You should hold the gaze of the person you are communicating with for few seconds. This will, in turn, portray you as sincere and engaging personnel. You don’t have to stare; just the confident eye contact is enough.

Keeping the head up is another way of projecting a positive body language. If your head is inclined too forward or too backward, it can make you look more aggressive and cavalier. Keep your head upright and in level with the person to project a confident and engaging body language.

Some of the negative body language projections include folded arms, poor eye contact, and hand on the face, poor facial expressions and more. These all make you look aloof, disinterested, under-confident, nervous and possibly all wrong traits of the first wrong impression.

A positive body language can help you in several ways. You appear to be more sincere, and confident while communications, be at a workplace, or at home or at any public place.

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