Indian Dance Forms Which are Famous all over the World

Indian Dance Forms Which are Famous all over the World

India’s rich civilization and the love for an art shows how creative Indian people are. Every element which is a part of this country has a rich history. You might have seen temples and forts, ever noticed how creatively the walls and the other parts are crafted.

Indian ancient art forms are still popular all over the world. Dancing is a form of art which has very old roots in India. It is over 2000 years old. The synchronization between music and body can astound anyone. Dancing has many shapes and types; it just needed to be crafted well.

Indian dance forms are respected worldwide, but some are especially loved because of their artistry.

  1. Bharatnatyam

It is one of the most popular classical dance forms which originated from Tamil Nadu. It is basically performed by a single performer. People believed that Bharatnatyam is a way to serve the God. This form of dance is pretty old. It is a well-known dancing art because of its history and creativity.

  1. Kathak

Kathak is an ancient form of art which originates from Northern India. it was performed in Uttar Pradesh. The word “Kathak” comes from the Sanskrit word Katha which means “Story”. It is referred as a dance of love. Both the male and female dancers can perform together. Ankles are matched to the music; this is the main part of the whole dance form.

  1. Kathakali

It is another form of Indian classical dance, which derived in the Southern Part of India. The word Kathakali means “Story Telling”. It is a tough dance form which includes heavy costumes and make-up. It tells the story of the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The main focus is on all the hand gestures. A mixture of human voices and music makes it more energetic.

  1. Bhangra

Punjab has the roots of bhangra which dates back to the 17th & 18th century. It is a folk dance, performed to celebrate the harvest season. Bhangra is an energetic dance form. Musical instruments like dhol (drum) and flute are played by the people. It symbolizes the traditions of Punjab. Nowadays, bhangra has taken a new shape. It is performed in various films and other events too.

  1. Garba

Originated from Gujarat, this dance form is mainly performed during the Navratri festival. Garba comes from the Sanskrit word ”Garbha” which means “Womb”. The people of Gujarat perform this to worship Durga and Ambe.

  1. Ghoomar

It is a colorful folk dance form which is mainly performed by Rajput women. It was originated in Rajasthan. Women performers wear Ghagra and Choli which is a traditional costume. This fascinating dancing form has received global appreciation.

Dancing is an art of expressing yourself to the world, be it in any form it can get anyone stunned. Different types of modern dance forms have also been in trend these days, but the traditional ones are still loved.

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