Indian Brides Wedding Goals

Indian Brides Wedding Goals

Bollywood has from times immemorial influenced our choices and opinions in almost everything. And it continues to do that extremely well in all most all walks of life be it fashion, relationships, thought process, choices and even weddings. Some people contend that cinema is the mirror of the society and all what is portrayed in the films actually happens in the society. It, however, may be the other way round. Bollywood films do create a heavy and positive impact on its audience. It gives us the idea of how life should be lead in some cases, inspires us to be better persons, keep us updated of the latest trends in the industry and much more. Wedding ideas these days especially are influenced by bollywood movies. The uniqueness with which a wedding takes place in a wedding creates an indelible mark on the audience and they would then like to imitate the same in theirs. These are some of the movies that are admired by a lot of people and their essence can be seen in almost all the weddings taking place these days-

  • Hum aapke hain kon- This movie is admired from all the times as this has set a trend of how elaborate weddings take place these days. Madhuri’s dresses and dance performances are still looked upon by Indian girls with great admiration. Young girls can be seen performing dances on its songs in mehandi and sangeet ceremonies. Even the” joote chupayi” ceremony has taken much importance post its release.

  • Ye jawani hai deewani- The concept of destination wedding as portrayed in ye jawani hai deewani is now very popular as most couples these days go in for destination weddings within or outside the country.

  • Zindagi na milegi dobara- Engagement ceremony and bachelorette party in zindagi namkilegi dobara are the ones to die for. This movie has set a benchmark of how a wedding should be.

  • Jodha Akbar- This is very commonly seen in almost all marriages taking place in Rajasthan. Every girl dreams that she looks like Aishwarya Rai Bacchan in her wedding. The jewelry and attire of Aishwarya represented the traditional Rajput women. Even the songs of this movie are so popular that they can be heard on the sets of almost all weddings.

  • Kal ho na ho- This movie is idealized for how a family should perform in a wedding. Maahi ve performance is often imitated as it is in many sangeet functions.

There are many more movies that tell us how a wedding should take place.

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