Importance of Playground Repair and Maintenance

Importance of Playground Repair and Maintenance

Playground repair and maintenance might feel like a hassle; it is an essential part of being responsible for a ground. Playground inspections and maintenance on a regular basis keep the area safe and attractive, and it can extend the life of the playground. If you do not remember the last time you inspected your playground, it is important to consider why regular playground repair and maintenance is important:

Maintenance protects playing children.

Every year, emergency rooms in the United States treat more than 200,000 children for injuries related to the playground. Playground injuries are the main cause of injury to children in childcare ages 5-14 in schools. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it has been reported that playgrounds that are well-maintained have fewer playground-related injuries. Playgrounds are designed for fun and physical activities. With regular maintenance and repair, children can stay a safe environment of play as well as recreation.

Playground maintenance plans limit liability.

With proper inspection and maintenance, you can make sure you are doing everything to keep your kids safe. You will be quicker to catch risks like tripping dangers, broken equipment, or displaced surface material. Running, as well as playing kids, are prone to get injured. If you have well-documented process to inspect, record, and fix any issue related to the playground, it will help you manage your risk and limit your liability in case of injury.

Playground maintenance protects your investment.

Time and resources have been invested to create a safe play for kids to play and the community to gather. Extend the life of your investment by providing repair and maintenance regularly and quickly in order to fix any materials that are starting to show wear. Leaving the damages can result in a risk of hazards, and larger repair can bill down the line.

Playground maintenance can preserve the value of your playground.

Your playground can give kids, families, neighbors, and your community an attractive and well-cleaned place to connect. Broken equipment can diminish the ability to use the playground and enjoy the area. As the playground becomes dull and unattractive, fewer people will want to use it. This will remove the value of the playground to the community. By keeping the playground well-maintained, you can preserve the space for fun and healthy recreation.

Playground Inspection

Playground equipment, amenities, and safety surfacing need regular inspection and maintenance to meet their purposes. All can be impacted by age, use, material used, weather, climate, and several other factors. During regular repair and maintenance checks, evaluators should check for any situations that could create a risky play environment. It might include broken or missing equipment, loose, missing bolts, vandalized property, and defaced property, tripping hazards, including tree roots or damaged surfacing, corroded materials or cracked plastic parts, and so on.

While many understand the significance of checking the playground equipment, safety surfacing is also important to protect children from serious injury due to falls. The playground safety surfacing can be tested to measure the shock-absorbing properties just to make sure they maintain ASTM standards for impact attenuation. Some of the other factors to inspect are

  1. The surfacing has not been compromised by tree roots
  2. The border should be in good condition
  3. Loose-fill surfacing material should not be scattered
  4. Poured-in-place or tiled rubber surfacing is not worn
  5. Surface materials have not been damaged

Having a playground safety surface inspected, repair and maintained by a professional can help to guarantee no critical maintenance, as well as repairs, are missed. Simply go online and find a reliable company for playground repair and maintenance.

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