How to Winterize Your Water Feature: Tips to Keep It in Top Shape

How to Winterize Your Water Feature: Tips to Keep It in Top Shape

The transformation of a house to a home is only possible when you put your heart and soul to design and decorating it. While your interior space needs some decorative items to come alive, the requirement for the exterior space is a bit difficult, especially if you want to make it an oasis, where you can relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Planting colourful flowers and installing statues, urns are all part of outdoor decoration. However, even then your landscape remains incomplete. Are you wondering what is it missing? Well, it is nothing but a water element. A water feature not only soothes the temperature but also works as the ultimate haven for wildlife, especially during the scorching summer days – they can drink water and take a bath here. So, if you want to transform your yard, then you should consider incorporating a water element.

When it comes to water features, there are various elements to pick from, including water fountains, birdbaths, ponds, and many more. And as there are several reputable companies that offer different types of water features Melbourne, Sydney, and other places in Australia, getting one that can meet your need, as well as budget will not be a daunting task for you. However, only installing it will not be enough if you want to enjoy its benefits. Irrespective of the kind of water element that you have installed, you have to take proper care of it, especially in the coldest winter months. Wondering how to winterize your water element? Here are some tips for you.

  1. Clear it properly

The first thing that you have to do when winterizing your water feature is to make sure that you clear out any debris, plants, and algae. The main reason for doing this is to keep wet debris like leaves from clogging up your water feature. If any debris is clinging to the bottom of the water element, you need to vacuum or pressure wash out it.

  1. Drain the water element

As you have cleared the plants and debris, the next thing that you have to concentrate on is to make sure that the water is completely drained. You have to drain out the water from the main basin of the feature and then make sure that all of your water and plunging lines are clear as well. No one wants to deal with pipes freezing over when the cold winter weather blows in.

  1. Remove the pump

If your water element has a pump, then you need to make sure that you take it out and store it somewhere where winter cannot affect it. Even the feature itself being in use, cold weathers and harsh elements can damage your pump. Choose a warm and dry place to store your water pump so that you can reinstall it when the weather starts warming back again.

These are some of the tips that you can follow to winterize your water feature. You can also ask the professional of the company that offers birdbaths, ponds, and fountains Melbourne, about the maintenance while buying a product from them. Buy a desired water element and enjoy its benefits.

Author bio: David Smith, a popular blogger on ponds and fountains Melbourne, here writes on the tips that you follow to winterize your water features Melbourne.

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