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How To View Sales for an Individual on Amazon

How To View Sales for an Individual on Amazon

When you are selling a lot of unique things on Amazon, you frequently would like to be able to get data about various products and merchandise collections on an individual basis. Amazon provides a whole good deal of the information, but they are not exactly coming with it. You need to understand what you are doing and understand where to search for it. Let us discuss the respective dashboards you may discover useful.

Viewing Product Sales Data Individually:

If you are promoting more than 1 product, and you also wish to find the revenue information for each item separately in aggregate, then it is possible to do this with the Detail Page for Revenue and traffic. You might Discover That page beneath the Business Report about the Seller Central dash.

The key here is that information is not readily available to some old vendors. Amazon Individual Seller, regrettably, gets the shaft. In case you were not aware, you will find just two seller strategies on Amazon.

The Amazon individual seller Account plan is for those that intend to market smaller than 40 items a month. This can be individual things offered, not forms of merchandise, and that means that you can not create an "Individual" storefront using 39 things inside and eliminate it. Individual programs do not have a subscription fee but have been charged a dollar per item and some varying charges.

The professional seller plan will be the one which receives each the further vendor dashboards and analytics, which Amazon finds are not helpful enough to supply for individual sellers; most importantly, many individual sellers Amazon are only selling off a couple of things each year or so, and also do not care for business-scale analytics. If you would like to see your operation, however, you want the expert vendor account. This account is for individuals planning to market over 40 items a month and includes a monthly subscription charge of $40, together with the varying charges.

Viewing Product Revenue By Day

Amazon doesn't offer a means to view individual product functionality over the years. In the event you decide to look at sales information daily, you will observe the information for everything in your shop on a per-day foundation. If you would like to observe information on a per-product degree, you will observe the overall sales of these products as time passes, however you'll not be in a position to observe a breakdown of the information daily. How do you reconcile the two information collections?

Recommended Tool

A good deal of the information you may want to see is not accessible from Amazon. In the end, Amazon is this a sizable megacorporation they do not have to supply this information. What exactly are you going to do so, begin your variant of Amazon? They're the only game in town, along with their biography allows them to get something a little half-assed, to put it bluntly.

Let us start off using the FBA Sales Calculator. This is an Amazon instrument, however, it is not simple to discover. It is a way you'll be able to figure out the potential profits of a product you may want to market on Amazon as fulfilled by Amazon. It is a little bit of a revenue instrument for Amazon to persuade individuals to use FBA instead of managing themselves, but setting that aside, it’s still useful information.

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