How to Use Waste Material to Decorate Your Home

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How to Use Waste Material to Decorate Your Home

Commonly it happens that there come bunches of waste material lying in the cabinet or over the almirah. What we can do with all that waste stuff is creating something unique and useful. There are numerous thoughts which are creative and entertaining for making something helpful from the waste material. There are loads of approaches to manufacturing a portion of some finest art with all that squander kept in our home. Here, with some imaginative thoughts and cool strategies, I have communicated the procedure to make best out of waste. Take a look!

a) Old Bookshelf with the use of a ladder

This idea is worth not only for the people who love artistic work but also to those who wish to try something unique and elegant. You will need a ladder. Generally, all of us have a ladder at our home. Sometimes it gets old and we wish to replace it with the new one. What we can do with our old ladder is that we can fix it in “L” shape on a wall of any room at our house. This ladder can do the work of old bookshelf. You can arrange books on the ladder and this tip is good for the people who are book lovers and usually have many books at home.

b) Vase made of spoons

For making a vas, you will need plastic spoons, measuring spoons, scissors, paper plate, hot glue gun, white spray primer, blue and white acrylic paint etc. Take a scissor and cut handles of all the spoons. Color the back side of spoons with blue and white color. Spoons for the first row will be colored with blue color only. For the second row, add some white color. For the third row, add some more white color. Apply glue on the front side of a spoon and paste it on the can. Before that, you must coat the can with primer. Cover the can with spoons. Fill the vase with colorful flowers and your vase is ready.

c) Conversion of piano

If you have an old piano at home or you are very much bored with your piano. You can renovate your piano into a shelf for home or fountain for the garden purpose. These ideas are cool and unique. Piano hanged in a vertical position on a wall is a pretty idea. It gives a touch to the inventive work and is an exclusively distinct way to show shelf. Making a piano fountain with waters coming out from the keys to it is another way to give essence to craftiness. You can arrange flowers on the top side of the piano.

d) Dozens of wine bottles and their reuse

If you have loads of wine bottles at home and you just want to get rid of them. Then you just need to bundle each one of the bottles with rope and attach the rope on the top of your dining table. Through this, a new chandelier will be made. This chandelier will give elegance and shine to your dining room. This is again one sweet change which you can introduce in your home with all waste stuff.

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