How to Take Care of Your Jewellery Pieces?

How to Take Care of Your Jewellery Pieces?

We spend so much on our jewelry. Wearing them gets you a lot of compliment. But what if we tell you that you might not enjoy these compliments for a long time as you won’t get them without these precious stones? Saving these precious beauties is a task in itself but for enjoying wearing them for a longer time, you need to preserve them. Still confused over what all you can do to take care of these delicate items? Here are a few handy tips that will help you in taking care of your jewelry so that you can store them for longer periods:

  1. Clean the jewelry prior to storing. This is probably the age-old tip that will improve the longevity of the jewelry. Cleaning the jewelry before storing is one of the most effective tips that will help you in storing these beauties for longer periods. We wear them and our sweat tends to change the color of it, make it look old and something that is “wore” from a long time. Hence it is necessary to clean them and wipe off all the sweat before storing them in any concealed place.

  2. Another pro tip for the long life of jewelry is to use anti-tarnish paper for storing the jewelry. You can wrap each of your jewelry pieces in an anti-tarnish paper to preserve the shine of the jewelry while storing them. As the alternative of anti-tarnish paper, you can use eyeglass cloth too.

  3. Store them in an airtight box or zip locks. Another tip is to store your jewelry in airtight boxes or Zip locks that ensure utmost safety and promote longevity as well. This is to ensure that the jewelry will not be lost its finish after a wear or two and you can preserve it for longer periods. Also, different gems should be stored differently. For instance, a pearl piece, necklace or earrings or rings is advised to be store on a jewelry box with cloth linings. You can even wrap them up in silk clothes or soft satin and then store in a box to preserve the shine of the little white beauties.

  4. Another pro-tip is for keeping jewelry for a long time is to separate them before storing. You are advised to not to keep two different kinds of jewelry in one box. You should store different types of jewelry in different boxes or separate containers. This will prevent the baubles from getting around Also, keeping them in separate boxes ensures to protect them as two jewelry items when kept together can scratch with each other or can be broken if they got tangled badly.

  5. Also, you are advised to not wear the jewelry while gymming or swimming or while doing any household chores. Also, protect your jewelry from extreme exposure to heat and light as this exposure might lead to fading or discolouring of gemstones.

  6. Another pro tip is to wear your jewelry at last. After you finish getting ready which means after applying make-up or perfume or any body lotion, then switch to wearing jewelry.

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