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How to take care of your heels in winters?

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How to take care of your heels in winters?

Its winter time here and everybody is loving the warm feeling of sweaters and mufflers! But it brings along few problems. It affects our body, especially our skin. We should follow proper skincare to make sure that our skin remains healthy. But we often forget one part of our body, that is, our feet. Our feet do a great deal of work by enduring our weight. And if proper care is not directed towards them then they may lead to cracked heels which are not at all comforting let alone aesthetically unpleasing.

Here are some suggestions that one can take:

1. Moisturizing- make it a rule

The dry skin on our heels causes cracks which are known as fissures. They can be irritating and sometimes painful. To get rid of them, never forget to moisturize your heels after you take a shower. Coconut oil mixed with your everyday lotion makes the best and the cheapest moisturizer. Once you have applied the moisturizer, put on some comfy socks to protect your heels. It is as important as moisturizing your face! If your fissures are hard and do not soften by simple lotions then you should purchase some footcare creams or lotions. They are easily available and produce effective results.

2. Scrub it away

Just like the way we scrub our faces to remove all the dead skin and dirt, we should scrub our heels to keep them healthy. You do not need to go to a high-end spa and get a pedicure done for this. In fact, you can simply sit at your home and create your own mini foot spa. Here's what you got to do:

a.) Take two spoons of sugar and two spoons of honey and mix them together. (You can also add some essential oil if you like)

b.) Fill half a bucket with warm water and soak your feet in it.

c.) Let your feet soak for about 5-10 minutes.

d.) Now, take the mixture and rub your entire feet with it in acircular motion for about 10 minutes. (Do not apply a lot of pressure while rubbing)

e.) Wash your feet with warm water and pat dry them. After that, apply some moisturizer and put on your cosy socks.

You can also pumice stone to scrub your heels on a daily basis.

3. Proper footwear

The fissures on your heels may occur due to prolonged exposure to dry weather. It is very dry during winter and if you walk barefoot or in your slippers, then it may make your heels prone to flakes. Make sure to wear such footwear which covers up your entire foot. Also, try not to put maximum pressure on your heels, that is, do not wear high heels frequently. Not only will it harden the skin but it also has an adverse effect on your health.

So, go ahead and enjoy your winter with baby soft feet.

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