How to Save on a Trip to Disneyland

How to Save on a Trip to Disneyland

Disneyland is the Holy Grail of vacations as if you ask any child where they want to go on vacation, its inevitably going to be Disneyland. Whether it’s now or the following year, it seems to be every child’s dream! However, it is many parents nightmare as the sheer cost of Disneyland is similar to buying a midrange car if you go for a two-week trip.

You wonder how these costs can accumulate as really it’s just a theme park on steroids, but with ticket costs rising every year, accommodation prices rising and flights always increasing, there’s little wonder you can spend thousands of dollars.

Know the Seasons

Knowing when to travel throughout the year is not just exclusive to a vacation to Disneyland as every resort across the world increases their prices at certain times of the year. Orange County and Los Angeles are always tourist hot spots for both travelers and business goers but if you travel during fall, winter and spring then you are likely to save on airfare and hotels except obviously during holidays and school breaks.

If you research the best time to visit Disneyland on forums or on the internet, it’s such a popular consideration for many travelers that you’ll find many posts stating the same in that the best time is when the crowds are at their lowest.

Be Aware of Different Ticket Prices

There is no longer a set pricing structure for tickets at Disney as they now have a dynamic pricing system. Single day tickets differ in price dependant on how many crowds are expected that particular day, whereas value tickets can be bought Monday through to Thursday in the off-season and are the cheapest form of ticket.

You then have regular tickets in the weekends and weekdays where the crowds are higher that are a mid-range price and then the ultimate ticket to be avoided which is the peak ticket that is available on holidays, school breaks and all through the summer period.

You also have day hopper tickets meaning you can go to California Adventure and Disneyland and, although a one day one park ticket is less expensive than a one-day park hopper, adding a park hopper to a multi-day ticket makes sense as it means you’re paying the same to add park hopper to the multi-day.

Stay Outside

Although the appeal of Disneyland according to the many adverts you see on the television is the fact you can stay at the park and not have to leave for two weeks if that’s what you so wish, the reality is that if you want to save money at Disney, then staying off park is the way to go. This is because the initial hotel prices are cheaper when booking but also some hotels offer free breakfasts and other forms of food which saves on food costs overall. Plus you can save on car parking fees as some hotels offer free shuttles to the resort or you can even walk.

Photos are Memories

No doubt you will leave Disneyland with over one thousand photos on your phone, not to mention the big SLR camera you took too for clearer shots, but Disneyland also offers professional photos. You can have these photos taken by Disney photographers with characters at famous spots around the park as well as photos while on the rides.

This is called Disney MaxPass which you can buy through their app once you have entered the park for the day and it costs as much for one day as it does if you were to download one photo, so it makes sense to have MaxPass.

Don’t Get Caught up in Costumes

Any professional parent knows that no matter how many fancy dress outfits one child owns at home, the minute they see the exact same outfit in another shop, they want it. Don’t fall for it at Disney! Make sure you spend as much time packing fancy dress outfits from Frozen, Star Wars and any other Disney outfit you can find as you do on your own clothes.

This will enable you to save a lot of money and avoid major blowouts when the kids want to look like every other child at the park. Also, make sure they wear appropriate shoes underneath the outfits as there is no way they will be able to walk the length of the park in Elsa heels.

Consider Your Options

Even with all the ways above to save money when visiting Disneyland, there is no escaping the fact that it is very expensive and you will need to pay for it at some point.

Setting money aside each month from your salary is a great way to save the money needed as if you do it with enough time, you can save thousands over the months, and years if you are that organized.

The less organized of us that consider the trip a few months in advance, hence are not able to start saving monthly, can take out loans, especially payday loans as these are more short term and can be paid off once the trip is finished.

If you have bad credit and are not eligible for a short term loan then you could consider using one of the cosigner loans on the market as here you can get someone you trust with good credit to sign the loan while you pay it back over the agreed term. This also means that they have to pay the loan back if you can’t for any reason.

If you are smart and plan ahead, you will find that you can save a lot of money on a vacation that many terms the ‘trip of a lifetime.’ It is one of the most popular places in the world to visit if you are looking for theme parks and fun, and although it can cause some people financial pressure for a period of time, while they save and try to cut costs, the memories you will gain will last forever!

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