How to Remove Negative Energy From Mind?

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How to Remove Negative Energy From Mind?

We all know that there is good and evil, good and bad, right and wrong everywhere on this planet. Many people due to their past karmas or actions are caught by negative vibes or we can say negative energy. The negative energy forces a person to think bad or evil, and leads to destruction. Due to negative energy, a person is unable to complete his tasks and have delayed affairs. A person fight with other person or he meets with an accident etc. Thus, negative energy can affect a person from little troubles to worst situation. If you too feel the same then you can read the remedies given below in order to remove negative vibes from your mind and soul.

a) Bliss bath remedy

Add ½ spoon baking soda, ½ spoon sea salts, few drops of lavender oil, and a positive intention. Mix all the ingredients in the warm water. The warm water should be such that you can stand in it for 20 to 40 minutes. After you stand in the bucket of warm water, all the negative rays from your body and soul will come out from your feet into the bucket. Throw the water afterwards in the toilet and wash the bucket with enough water. This remedy is very effective and done by many people. If you are a beginner than you can double the ingredients and stand in the bucket for 40 minutes. Regular taking of bliss bath is very much effectual and valuable.

b) Black Tourmaline

In order to clear the negative energy, this crystal works the best. You can put this crystal in your house. You can take it during traveling or put it in your purse every time. This crystal is very effective and removes all the bad vibes from the house and surrounding. By clearing the negative energy, you can have nice feeling and all your troubles can be removed or reduced to certain extent.

c) Yawning

Make a habit to do yawning outside the house in the fresh air. Yawning will take all the negative vibes sticking with you and your mind in the air. Yawning is considered as best tool for clearing the negative energy. You can do yawning anytime you feel. The divine help will come to you by this remedy.

d) Use a rattle or drum

Playing drum music in the background is one of the most effective remedies. Similarly, you can put some pennies in the plastic bottle and shake it well. The sound of drum music or rattle or plastic bottle will remove all the negative energy and positive vibes will enter in your home and your soul. You can play drum music in the YouTube also if you don’t have drum at home.

Actually, there are thousands of things which can be done to remove negative vibes from the home, body, mind, and soul. Those which are easy and helpful according to me are mentioned above. The more you read blogs and research about negative vibes the more familiarity you will have.

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