How to Remove Dark Circles Very Fast?

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How to Remove Dark Circles Very Fast?

Sleepless nights, heredity issues, or any other medical problem can cause dark circles. Today, many people are affected by dark circles below the eyes. There are lots of ways to cure of dark circles. Dark circles are actually not a disease but a minor effect due to certain reasons. People either do makeup or apply effectual cream to hide the dark circles.

In this article, I will elucidate all the possible ways through which dark circles can be removed permanently. These ways are home remedies and will give complete relief from dark circles. Read this content and inculcate these remedies on your face to get fast effect.

a) Apply any of these oils

There are certain oils which can be applied on the face area where the dark circles have developed. You can apply coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, kumkumandi tailam oil, kalonji oil, olive oil, argan oil, grape seed oil or castor oil on the dark circle and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes after which you can wash your face. Doing this twice a day will give quick results. All these oils have vitamins and minerals present in it due to which the dark spot vanishes away as soon as possible. One more thing is that you have to use kalonji oil with honey to get the better outcome.

b) Apply leaves, juices and these stuffs

Beside oils, there is much other stuff which can be applied to gain the fine results. You can apply mint leaves or lemon juice on the area of dark circle to cure from dark circles. Tea bags can be put in cold water for a while and then applied below the eyes. Another remedy is putting cucumber on the eyes and taking rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Massaging with either cotton dipped in milk, or rose water is also perfect remedy to rid from dark circles. You can take two potato slices and put on your eyes or you can massage the area of dark circle with turmeric water or raw egg white or aloe vera etc to get free from the dark circles.

c) And the list goes on…

If you wish you can massage the area below the eyes with apple cider vinegar or baking soda to get results in two to four days. There are other effective remedies too such as you can freeze a spoon for few hours and then keep it on the eyes and slightly over the dark circles. This will aid in getting rid from the dark spots on the face. You can even apply honey or do cold compress on your face.

Any of the above remedies once or twice a day is beneficial. Along with the remedy, you must drink lots of water. Water will assist in cleaning the body and creating a glow on your face. You must apply sun cream before going out in sunlight. You must eat healthy and take a good sleep to overcome the dull and unhealthy darkness on your face.

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