How to Reduce Stress- Here are 11 simple ways to relieve stress

How to Reduce Stress- Here are 11 simple ways to relieve stress

You feel stressed and you want to change that? It’s well worth it, according to the current state of research. It increases your chances of staying fit and healthy longer and may even take a few extra years of your life. Already the conviction to be able to do something against his stress leads, according to studies to a reduced sense of stress. Here are five ways to help you get through life in a more relaxed and relaxed manner in the future.

Following 11 Small tricks can reduce the stress

1. Regularly take a hot bath

After a hard day or just feeling like relaxing, a hot bath is very helpful. A basic bath can significantly increase the relaxation effect.

2. Aromatherapy

You can put a natural essential oil in a fragrance lamp in the office and inhale the relaxing scents.

3. Sports activity

This is an important measure to reduce stress. When we exercise, our brain releases certain substances, which then give rise to feelings of contentment and relaxation. It is important that we do it regularly, such as walking, walking, dancing or swimming.

4. Avoid coffee and cold drinks

Many sufferers try to get a boost of energy by drinking lots of coffee, black tea, or energy drinks that often contain Guarani. Already a cup of coffee can provide a high cortical level for up to 18 hours. Coffee generally increases the tension of the nervous system, since the coffee activates the combat/flight program in the sympathetic nervous system. Constant overloading of the sympathetic nervous system is the main cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.

5. Exercise mindfulness and serenity

In yoga, meditation or tai chi, this deep breathing is practiced. To meditate, all you have to do is close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. Regular deep breathing is good for your health. There are several other breathing techniques that you can try to increase your health benefits.

6. Relaxation exercises and self-hypnosis

After a hot bath, you can also join a relaxation exercise to strengthen the recovery. It is enough to sit down in a cozy place or lie down and close your eyes. You turn your attention to your body and go through it in your mind piece by piece, trying to relax your body. You can also insert a self-hypnosis CD to help with relaxation. Another way to relax is progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson.

7. Massages Therapy

The massage has a marked effect on the skin, which makes it blood circulation, and this circulation promotes growth and strengthening of the hair. It is known that this massage also works very well against reduce stress. Massage therapy is a wonderful way to reduce stress.

8. Spiritual support

Helping prayers and others are ways to increase one’s satisfaction and reduce stress. One calms down and develops inner peace.

9. Listen to music

Music acts directly on our emotions. Use this effect. From today you have your personal good mood song always at hand. You cannot prevent yourself from feeling better.

10. Minerals

A good mineral supply of the body is important so that he can handle stress better.

11. Talk about problems

If you talk about your feelings, either with your partner or your best friend, it may be that the solution already comes into view and dissolves blocking emotions.

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