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How To Loose Weight In Three Months

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How To Loose Weight In Three Months

In today's hectic and stressful schedule, there are lots of health problem which every one facing in their life style. Obesity is one of the major issue which everyone is facing. There are various reasons like junk food, less physical activities, improper lifestyle , work stress are the main reason of obesity. We all know obesity is one of the main reason of all major disease. Here we are sharing five major solution to loose weight.

Drink Warm Water:

Water is one of the best thing for human body which is free. Water can flush out excess fat from your body. Warm water is the best partner for you weight loss journey. According to a research, If you drink more than eleven glass of water in a day, ratio of your weight is much lesser from the people who does not drink water.You can add lemon in the water to make it more effective.

Take High Protein Diet:

Diet plays an important role in weight loss. If you eat high protein diet instead of carbs, you can loose weight easily. Try to include high protein diet like eggs, meat,fish and dairy products in your daily diet. If you are vegetarian than you can use soybeans, chia seeds,spinach,guava,peas,peanut butter, greek yogurt, grass fed milk,almonds etc for your diet. Non Vegetarians has millions of option for high protein diet.

30 Min workout:

Work out is the most important factor for healthy lifestyle. You does not need to force your self for a hectic exercise. You just need to maintain consistency to your work out routine. You can start with brisk walk for 30 mins and then after set a routine. It will not only help you in weight management, This is very helpful to keep you active.

Proper sleep:

Proper sleep is one of the best solution for everything. Proper sleep is as important as your food and exercise. If you want to loose weight then get atleast 7 to 8 hours daily.

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