How to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Using You

How to Know If Your Boyfriend Is Using You

People get into relationships with different motives. Some are looking for serious relationships that will lead to marriage while others want to benefit from their partners. If you are worried that your boyfriend is using you, there are many red flags and hints that you can pick up to know this. But the most important thing is how you handle the situation.

Yes, it hurts to feel used, especially if you are interested in a serious relationship. One can either confront the boyfriend or leave the relationship to avoid wasting more time with such a person. Look for the following signs:

He is Not Ready for Commitment

Healthy relationships involve many commitments. If you are interesting in having a long-term relationship, then your boyfriend should also have the same interests. If he is not, then he is there for another motive and is probably using you, and it is high time that you read between the lines. You can opt to discuss this issue with him or walk out of the relationship.

He Is Hesitant to Introduce You to Family

People who are in healthy relationships find it easy to introduce their partners to their families. If your boyfriend is hesitant to introduce you to his family even after dating for some time, then there is a problem. If it brings problems when you ask about this issue, then this is a sign that you should not ignore.

Pick Up Hints from the Conversation

Things your boyfriend says and the tone he uses should tell you whether he is into the relationship or just using you. According to experts at Happymatches, a website that helps people to find their dream relationship, a serious boyfriends cares about what he says to you and makes sure that it will create love assurance. Conversations that are filled with anger and disrespect show that he is just using you. After all, he does not care whether you get hurt or not.

He is Always Using Your Money

Although couples should support one another financially, there is a problem when one person does not want to contribute financially. If your boyfriend is always using your money, whether he is working or not, he is probably using you. So, check if you are the one who is always pulling out their wallet to pay for bills while he shies away from doing it. Just like the other items we have mentioned, this is a big red flag.

He Denies You Enough Time

Spending time together in a relationship is very healthy. If your boyfriend is busy with other things like work, business, studies, or his family, then he is probably using you. If he was not, he would dedicate more time to the relationship, especially if you have already discussed this issue. Take such a sign seriously and you can try to discuss this with him. If it is consistent, then you should take some time to think about what you want to achieve in the relationship.

Some of these signs send a powerful message that should be given the seriousness it deserves. However, the decision of whether to stay or leave lies with you. It is highly recommended that you make a decision that will make you happier in life.

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