How to Improve Yourself

How to Improve Yourself

Invest in yourself, it has ever growing returns!

I am personally very fond of self-improvement and keep looking for things that help me become a better person than I was yesterday. When asked one thing that my friends like about me, they said that you have this attitude to learn everything that’s possible. It obviously does not imply that I know a lot. I keep learning whatever little I can. If you are one of those who constantly strive to become better each day, this post might be of some help! These are some of the things I already do and some I am working on. Without much ado, let’s take a look at what all you can do-

  • First and foremost, Love yourself! Embrace whatever strengths and weaknesses you have as they make you unique. Release all the resentment, guilt and criticism that you are carrying.

  • Learn to forgive, even if you don’t know how. At least have that forgiving attitude.

  • Practice gratitude daily, it will make you more positive towards your own life.

  • Spend time with family and invest in your relationships. Surprise people you love. Once in a while, carry flowers returning back home.

  • Pray every day. It can work miracles.

  • Love abundantly. Remember, you get what you give.

  • Read anything and everything. Start by developing a habit first. Reading is a habit that is easy to start but difficult to keep.

  • Pen down your thoughts. Sometimes it is a solution to your problems. It works for me at least.

  • Maintain a journal. Maintaining a journal will accrue more benefits than you can think of. To mention some of them- It will improve your writing skills, it will help you keep a track of your days.

  • Learn a new skill. Be it a new dance form, painting, music or public speaking.

  • Practice mindfulness in everything you do. Listen attentively to a friend who is sharing her problems with you. She will feel you are genuinely interested. Feel every step that you take on the green grass while you stroll in a garden.

  • Connect with nature. They say nature has all the solutions to your problems and can offer you the inner peace you are looking for. Spend some time with the chirping birds in a garden or feel the sand below your feet as the tides wash your feet, it will improve the quality of your life.

  • Try waking up early and follow a morning routine. This time is totally in your control and can make you very different from others.

  • Sleep well and sleep early. Our body requires about 5-8 hours of sleep to function normally. Excess of deficient sleep can adversely affect the functioning of our body. Try sleeping early and ensure that you sleep almost at the same time so that our body enjoys deep sleep.

  • Move! Exercising every day have multiple benefits and keeps us alert. One must not skip exercise continuously for 3 days.

  • Clean your room or wardrobe. It will create a sense of responsibility in you.

  • Finish the most important task first in the morning. It will boost your appetite for more tasks to follow.

  • Do not skip your breakfast. It is your brain food. Don’t skip any meal of the day.

  • Manage your finances. Start saving right from the first pay cheque.

  • Meditate. Be it for 5 minutes a day.

  • Practice spiritualism.

  • Go for mandatory full body check-ups at least once in a year if you are thirty and above.

  • Make a vision board. It keeps you motivated for your dreams.

  • Believe in Yourself!

  • Smile more than you usually do. Let people wonder what makes you so happy.

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