How To Enjoy A Good Wine Tasting Night

How To Enjoy A Good Wine Tasting Night

If you love wine, it’s a good bet that attending a wine tasting night is going to a fantastic experience for you. However, if you have never been a wine tasting event before, the prospect can be a bit intimidating. There’s no need to be worried as you will almost certainly not be the only first-time attendee there, but it can’t hurt to get some tips and advice about what to expect and how to prepare. This guide outlines some practical tips to keep in mind before you go to a wine tasting night to ensure you get the most from your experience.

Dress appropriately

At least one person is going to spill some wine on themselves during the evening and, if it’s you, the last thing you want is to have to walk around for the rest of the night with a huge stain down your front. To avoid this, try to dress in dark colors and don’t wear anything with dangling sleeves. For comfort and to avoid a trip women may want to opt for flats rather than a heel. In addition, you will need your hands free for holding wine, food and for shaking hands, so take a bag or wear trousers with a pocket for wallet, phone, etc.

Forget the fragrance

Tasting wine involves your nose as much as your tongue it’s best to avoid wearing fragrance or cologne. You don’t want to overpower your own senses or those of the other attendees. If you are a smoker, bear in mind that doing so directly before or during the event will be noticeable to the people around you and may impact your tasting experience.

Hydrate before you go and during

Whether you intend to swallow the wine you taste or will be spitting out every sample, it’s a good idea to hydrate before and during the event. You can do this by drinking plenty of water during the day leading up to the event, or alternatively you could book yourself an at-home IV treatment by Reset IV in Los Angeles.

Eat before you go and during the night

Wine tasting on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster and may bring your event to an early end. Have a good meal beforehand and if you have the opportunity to eat during the tasting, have some snacks and water at regular intervals.

Look after your teeth

Drinking red wine can lead to stained teeth, so it’s best to think about how you will tackle this ahead of time. However, you don’t want to brush your teeth directly after drinking wine, as this can damage the enamel on your teeth. Instead, rinse your mouth with water as well as drinking it during the event and take some chewing gum to enjoy afterward.

Spit after each tasting

Don’t be self-conscious about spitting after some or all your tastings. It may feel wasteful, but if you drink everything, you will quickly feel the effects. All you need to do is take care to spit gently and with accuracy to avoid an embarrassing moment. Find out more about spitting wine.

Make notes

You want to be able to remember the wines you like, and even people with excellent memories may struggle to recall exactly which wines you tasted and where. Take a small notebook with you to make a note as you go or use your phone to take photos of bottles.

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