How to Clean a Driveway?

How to Clean a Driveway?

The first thing observed by the visitors at your home is your driveway. Therefore, it is important to maintain its good condition along with its amazing design. For maintaining your road in good shape, you should clean it regularly.

To Clean Your Driveway Effectively, You Must:

1. Analyze the Situation

You must understand the type of dirt you are dealing with to determine the right way forward. Does your driveway have a significant amount of motor oil spills?

Are there any sticks, rocks, and leaves on the surface? Has the driveway been discolored? As you answer these questions, you will come up with a perfect plan on how to clean your driveway.

2. Get All The Necessary Materials

You should get various materials including:

  • A cleaning brush. It must be rough enough to scrub the dirt away.
  • Detergents and household or chemical stain removers. The supplies must be made to help eliminate all the stubborn stains from your driveway.
  • Buckets of water or a hosepipe. You must have a sufficient amount of water for the cleaning.

Note that you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying the supplies. You can use the same detergents that you utilize to clean other surfaces.

3. Choose the Method of Cleaning

Typically, there are two methods of cleaning a concrete driveway Sydney. The first one is the use of pressure water. Professional cleaning companies opt for this method because they have the necessary equipment and skills to accomplish the task effectively.

This involves an application of high pressure to remove dirt from a driveway. Pressure washing, while able to remove stubborn stains quickly, comes with various disadvantages.

You may want to consider cleaning a driveway without a pressure washer by using household products. This involves the use of products such as baking soda, cola, cornmeal, and cat litter to remove the stains.

This requires you to apply the products and allow them to sit for a few hours in the area. Even so, you can still remove old stains when you follow the right procedures. Degreasers will easily remove oil and antifreeze stains.

You made need to make several attempts before the stains are completely removed. It is critical to find ways of eliminating stains of unknown origin when trying to find the ideal way on how to clean the driveway cement.

A driveway power washing may be necessary in this case. In some instances, a concrete driveway cleaner must be called upon to help identify the possible stain and solution.

Note that you must be extremely careful when removing stains on asphalt driveways. Petroleum products tend to destroy the material and hence, you must avoid them at all costs.

It is also worth noting the car oils and fluid that cause the stain is likely to damage the driveway as well. You may be required to do the repairs before or after the cleaning.

4. Reseal the Driveway

Whereas it is not mandatory to seal or reseal a driveway after washing, the procedure helps you to prevent future damages. You must allow the area to dry completely before applying the sealant. It must be waterproof since the driveway is always exposed to humid conditions.

5. Find Ways of Keeping a Driveway Clean

The driveway is always likely to be subject to an accumulation of dirt and debris. However, you will avoid heavy-duty cleaning by doing several things such as:

  • Using a newspaper or sheets and other materials in places where you change car oils.
  • Sweeping the driveway regularly.
  • Placing a dust bin where people can throw litter while in the exterior space.

There are many considerations before you can clean your driveway effectively. Whether you are thinking of the right path on how to clean a concrete driveway, or how to clean a cement driveway, you must be aware of the procedures and products to use.

It is in this light that you must get help from the best concrete driveway cleaner. You must make the choices based on:

The Reputation

It is vital to go through a company’s profile and the reviews to determine if they are worth hiring. Reputable companies are well-known for their myriad of solutions on how to wash the driveway.

Skills and Experience

It is undeniable that there are many stains found in your driveway. Some of them are not easy to remove and thus, finding skilled and experienced is imperative. They will offer you the best solution to clean driveway regardless of the amount of dirt or the stubbornness of the stain.

Note that experienced companies have the right equipment and training to handle the cleaning task. They can also refer you to professionals offering complementary services such as driveway building and repairing contractors.


The best driveway cleaner can deliver quality services at a reasonable rate. Compare prices and find out if you can negotiate for a good rate. You may want to remain loyal to the company to get seasonal discounts.

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