How to Choose the Right Virtual Event Ideas for Corporate Branding

How to Choose the Right Virtual Event Ideas for Corporate Branding

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, you’ve had to go slow with live, in-person events. However, businesses are resourceful and have resorted to going online and have come up with some fantastic virtual event ideas that allow them to continue their corporate branding activities.

Today, a virtual event is as effective as an in-person event and may even attract a larger audience, given the convenience it offers the participants.

What’s a Virtual Event?

As you may know, a virtual event is a remote live stream or conference that takes place online. The USP of a virtual event is its capacity to accommodate any number of participants, regardless of location.

Here are some virtual event ideas that some people have taken advantage of already:


A webinar is probably the most comfortable and most practical idea, though it is one of the shortest online events yet. It is useful in launching a new product, creating brand awareness, sharing educational information, and much more. It is a live online presentation where the presenter can use various props to reach a large, passive audience. However, some webinars feature chats that let the audience share their opinions or ask questions.

Online Conference

Online conferences are one of the best ways to reach out to an audience spread out worldwide. It is easy to allot slots based on the time zones participants belong to, and for all purposes, it is more like an in-person conference where vital information is exchanged and business deals are made. You can choose from any of the popular online platforms, some of which are free.

Live Stream

It is effortless to live stream a virtual event. You could do it on social media or use any other live stream platform, and what’s more, is the budget is friendly and affordable by most people. You can post your announcement in advance and have the audience ready with one of the best virtual event ideas live.

Online Workshops

Online workshops are a hit with the student community, as such workshops give the students a chance to share their ideas on new projects or demonstrate a project live. Teachers can use this online opportunity to reach out to a host of students attending from across the globe.

Virtual Concerts

Besides business, education, and research seminars, virtual event ideas include entertainment-oriented hobbies, a hit with the online audience. A virtual concert can turn out to be a memorable experience for most of the attendees. Besides a video feed, you can also relay live concerts, which are a great hit, given that the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping all of us indoors even today.

Comedy Shows

Comedy is quite popular and a great way to entertain a virtual audience, especially when people are starved for entertainment because of the current situation. World-famous stand-up comedians are going online today; you can check out some of the best live-stream comedy shows to watch while in quarantine.

Magic Shows

Magic shows still have people glued to their screens, and virtual magic shows online is no exception. Watching performances from top performers from all over the world is a popular pastime.

Summing it Up

With the pandemic still holding us prisoners indoors, our only resort today is to rely on virtual business and entertainment ideas. The advantage of these virtual events is that they can be conducted anywhere, anytime for an audience located anywhere.

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