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How to Choose Proper Food for a Leopard Gecko

How to Choose Proper Food for a Leopard Gecko

If you have a leopard gecko, you know how to take care of them. They are reptiles of a semi-arid environment and are insectivores. That means, the leopard geckos eat small insects. If you want your pet to be healthy, you need to provide them food and nutrition. Or, they might suffer from different health conditions.

Often finding food for your pet becomes difficult. It is because; the owners may be confused or may need some guidance. If you want to know how to choose the leopard gecko feeding, you can ask an expert or a vet. In this article, you will find some necessary information.

Know first what they eat

If you want to provide them the best food you need to understand their food habits. Leopard geckos are nocturnal and become active during the evening and night. The wild geckos hunt their food in the afternoon. So, you need to provide them food in the afternoon to mimic their natural habits.

Additionally, you need to understand which food is better for them.

Staple diet- Your pet needs a staple diet in captivity. In general, super worms and mealworms are great as their staple diet. It is because; these are not enough as a full meal. On the other hand, crickets and small-sized dubia roaches are great as their entire meal. It is because these insects have enough nutrition for your reptile pet.

Treats- Only a staple diet will not be enough for your pet. You also provide your gecko some occasional treats to change their taste palate and provide variation in their regular diet. In general, wax worms are best as their treats. But, it would help if you fed these treats with caution. The wax worms contain a lot of fat, and leopard geckos mat be addicted to this food item and may not eat any other feeder. So, giving only wax worms as their treats is not a great idea. You need to provide other feeders like butter worms, silkworms, hornworms as their treat also.

How to find the best insect for your pet?

Often finding the best insect for your pet becomes a headache. But, the process is not that complicated. You can easily buy the feeder insects from a reputed pet shop. There are many nearby local pet shops and even online pet shops. You can choose any option.

Local pet store

A lot of pet owners prefer to buy pet feeder insects from local pet stores. It is because they get to examine the quality of the pet food in reality before buying.

If you prefer to go offline, contact any local pet store of your choice. It is better to give them a call and ask them if they sell foods for leopard geckos. It will help you to understand which pet store is right for buying pet food.

Online store

If any pet store in your locality does not sell feeder insects for your leopard gecko or is out of stock, you need to switch to online stores. The online stores are high and offer doorstep delivery of items like feeder insects with proper arrangements.

You can easily find any feeder insect from an online pet store. It is better to check the details of the insects and their packaging, including price before buying. Furthermore, make sure to check the return and refund policy of any online store before you buy from them.

Avoid wild-caught insects

You may be tempted to catch insects from the surrounding area. But, wild insects may contain germs or parasites. If you feed them to your gecko, they might become ill. Hence, avoid wild bugs or crickets at any cost.

Invest in supplements

Your pet may not get complete nutrition from only feeder insects. Hence, you need to buy supplements like minerals or vitamins for them. You can find these reptile supplement powders from any online or offline pet store.

Always make sure to feed your gecko insects and provide them enough water. It will help them to thrive freely without any illness. If you need more guidance, you can contact a vet or an expert for suggestions.

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