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How does pet shipping work by plane?

How does pet shipping work by plane?

A business grows as the demand increases. Today, most people are more than willing in keeping a pet and love having a great companion to be with. Dogs and cats are the two most accepted animals as pets, as they also love having a human company. A dog, in fact, is believed to be a man’s best friend and you can come across millions of stories that justify this saying. When you own a pet, there comes a huge responsibility along, as you have to take care of them like a small kid.

From giving him grooming sessions to take care of every meal, they get and providing them with all the personal care they require. When you are required to make a move for a trip, or vacation or are planning to relocate to a new state, and must take a pet along, there are a lot of things that get on your shoulder to manage. Some people have an urge to take care of it by themselves, but some might accept any help they can get, with the process.

When you are dealing with moving along with your pet, you might not realize it yet, but it is not an easy task. To make your work simpler, you must accept the services from the pet shipping company. Pet shipping services provide a service to help you ship your pet, and there is nothing better than having the support of professionals and experts.

Working of pet shipping service:

A pet shipping service company may opt for any mode of transportation, but by comparing all the conveniences, they mostly go with the mode of air. Transportation by plane is always a good option as there are various airlines that support the pet shipping services and provide various convincing facilities to ease your travel. Few points that are mentioned below may help you understand the working better:

  • The pet shipping service requires a minimum of six weeks of time to take hold of all the things that are required to initiate the shipping service from scratch. If you delay in hiring, you may have to lose some of their most appreciable facilities as they won’t get time to work on the particular facility. Once you finalize the company, they start working on transportation.

  • The first thing that any company tries to get its hands on is vaccinations. The airlines follow a certain set of rules and are necessary for you to obey them all. Mostly, an animal making a journey must have a health certification approved by a vet. The health certificate must be a recent copy and not older than seven days. They are also very particular about the vaccinations taken by the pet, and the pet must have it taken at least 30 days before making the travel. Thirty days are considered as the minimum set of the period that is required for the vaccine to start affecting the animal’s body.

  • Once the medical requirements assure them, they start working on arranging the documents. Every state may have a different set of requirements with the animal shipment, and the company takes up the job in getting all the things ready as per the regulations of the destined state. If an animal permit is required, they start working in getting it and also see if any other requirement is also needed.

  • The staff from the shipping service then shows up at your door, if they are providing door to door service, else you need to drop your pet at their base centre one day before the day of travel. The company requires a minimum one day to prepare the animal for travel. They go for one more medical check-up to ensure fitness before proceeding further. They start working on getting the boarding details, on getting the boarding confirmations. They also take care of getting the air tickets a few days before they travel.

  • Once they are done with checking up with all the required formalities, they start working on the safety and security measures. They are well aware that animals usually face anxiety attacks during the travel and may face breathing issues in the plane. To take care of such effects, they always keep a tranquilizer along for emergency cases. A vet also suggests that although you must not give a tranquilizer at first of an attack if the situation gets worse and is getting out of control, tranquilizer is the better option to keep the animal calm. They also keep anti-anxiety pills along with the person accompanying the pet through the shipment. They make sure that the pet carrier is IATA approved and is the best option for the pet according to its weight, size and breed.

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