How Cricket World Cup Has Evolved Over The Years?

How Cricket World Cup Has Evolved Over The Years?

The fever of cricket world cup is getting on everyone’s nerves. This game has been loved by everyone since its inception. Talking about inception, don’t you want to know how your favorite game has evolved through all these years? Here are some major changes that are introduced in the cricket world cup:

  1. The set targets

Primarily the targets hardly reach to 200. During the inception of cricket world cup and some years followed by it, players try very hard to set the score of mere 200 runs. 200 runs are not that mere but seeing the current trends of cricket world cup, it’s quite easy to achieve. In fact, as per the current trends, anything less than 300 is not considered good enough. Even on the most difficult cricket pitches, players have scored so well and set the targets so high.

  1. Aggression on and off the ground

As cricket is evolving, so are its players. Primarily when you find the players with maturity both in age and game are ruling the world of cricket. With the passage of time, more young players are becoming part of several international teams. These players have a passion for the game which they show in their performance as well. This passion at times goes a little overboard too. You can see this both during and after the match. Cricket is not merely a game now, it has become a religion and people are quite open about expressing their love and passion for this.

  1. The new color palette

Primarily when it was all white for the world cup, it is now embellished with a whole new range of colors. In the very beginning, every team uses to wear plain white sportswear for the matches. But with the passage of time, you can see the team wearing their distinctive set of sportswear. And guess what, it’s not all in white anymore. These sports attire keeps changing from time to time.

  1. Bowling and fielding:

Bowling has evolved a lot since the inception and you can easily see some upgraded variations in it. Bowlers are stealing the “limelight” by making the best of “mixing up and confusing the counterparts”. While on one hand pacers are showing their skills with throwing the “slow bouncers”, spinners have their own arena and have enclaved their own place in the team.

As long as fielding is concerned, you can see the improvement in overall standards of fielding. With the addition of new and young players in the team, the whole methodologies and practices have evolved. Fielding has considered equally important and unless one is a ninja on the field, it’s quite difficult to maintain the place in the team.

  1. Game format and practices

Primarily it was the match for 60 overs which later was transformed to the match of 50 overs. Currently, apart from the ODI world cup, the T-20 world cup is quite popular too. Other changes include the changes in ball used in the match. Initially, it wasn’t allowed to introduce any new ball amid the match. Later it was changed to one new ball which can be used in the match and now within the match teams are allowed with 2 new ball changes in total.

The cricket craze is so high that you can see the crowds going mad over the cricket world cup.

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