How Can You Manage to Reduce Electricity Bill of Your Workplace?

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How Can You Manage to Reduce Electricity Bill of Your Workplace?

It is an undisputed fact that electricity is one of the greatest inventions of all times. It is due to which are able to use so many appliances in our daily life which otherwise then would never be possible. We all are very fortunate to be born in such times when electricity is available at all times. We have become so used to our electric appliances that we almost cannot do without them. At such a juncture, we must realize that there are still some areas where electricity do not reach on a daily basis. What is a necessity for us, is a necessity for others too. If not reduce, at least we must strive not to waste this precious resource. Also we must reduce the consumption of electricity wherever possible so that it reaches those who do not have it. Most importantly this habit of yours will contribute in reducing your business expense to a great deal.

Let us take a look at what all we can do to minimize electricity consumption-

  • Use energy efficient devices- We must strive to use energy efficient devices as they help in reducing the unit consumption thereby contributing to reduction in the overall bill.

  • Use CFL & LED instead of bulbs- It is believed that CFL and LED consume less power as compared to bulbs and also give much brighter light. Replacing bulb with CFL is an option that involves dual benefits.

  • Use energy star appliances- Using star rated appliances help a lot in reducing the electricity bill. Replace all your devices with star rated ones and you will see noticeable reduction in your electricity bills.

  • Encourage environmental friendly practices- Motivate employees to carry out environmental friendly practices like planting of trees to keep the office premise cooler.

  • Turn off appliances when not in use- Switch off unused electric appliances to reduce electricity consumption.

  • Install solar panels- Places like Rajasthan and Gujrat are abundant source of solar and wind energy. Utilizing these non-conventional energy sources will help reduce electricity consumption and will keep pollution under control.

  • Utilize tax-breaks offered by the government- There are times when the government offers tax incentives to encourage buying of energy efficient appliances. Taking maximum benefit from such incentives will in turn help you in curbing electricity consumption.

  • Withdrawal from excessive usage of electricity-There are times when one light can suffice instead of three or four in areas like corridors and stairs, this practice will contribute in minimizing the electricity bill.

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