How can you Increase the Lifespan of your Split System?

How can you Increase the Lifespan of your Split System?

We all recognise the importance of the air conditioner and the way it makes our life comfortable and soothing. It is crucial to keep your cooling system well maintained so that it will provide its services to you for an extended time.

Often due to negligence, the cleanup or maintenance of a cooling system doesn't take place, regularly. As a result, it breaks down, and you will have to shed an extra amount for its repair or replacement. You will realise that the repairs and replacement of the cooling system are expensive. So, it would be best if you took it up as a general responsibility and tried everything that may enhance your air conditioner's life.

You might consider several factors to extend the life of your air conditioning unit. No matter how much you invest in a new air conditioner, unless it is thoroughly maintained, it will not provide the best results. Here we have stated some of the tips for the longevity of your air-con.

  • Change your air con's filter:

Air conditioning filter is a crucial part of an AC. It ought to be changed every one or two months, based on the frequency of its use. If filters are not cleaned or replaced, the air quality would be low with dirt and pollutants affecting the health of the inmates. The dirty air-con filters additionally will increase air conditioning repair and maintenance value.

It is necessary to take up regular split system repairs, to maintain the efficiency of your air-conditioner.

  • The compressor needs to be checked:

Another important aspect of your air con is its compressor.

Your compressor compresses low pressure, low volume gas turning them into the high pressure, high temperature and the gas required for the AC. Apart from this, it removes vapour from the evaporator to maintain a low boiling point. When the above two combine, it produces air that you can moderate to different temperatures of cool air.

For pleasant and refreshing air, make sure your compressor is cleaned, regularly. To maintain your compressor, you must check the pump oil level, look for oil leaks, check the air filter component and drain moisture from the tank. The most important thing is to make sure that you take care of your split system service, regularly.

  • Servicing the Evaporator Coil to improve air circulation:

Your air-con evaporator coil absorbs heat, and once air passes through the system, it cools down the area. The coil must be replaced at regular intervals. Any failure in doing this will affect the longevity of your air-conditioning unit. Dirty coils can affect your unit's competency and cause a possible breakdown.

  • Regular Maintenance:

When it comes to split system air conditioning installation, (Melbourne), the mounting of the indoor and outdoor unit affects the performance of the entire system. It is highly recommended to hire an expert technician to mount the air conditioning. Unethically mounted air conditioning may be the cause for a breakdown of the air conditioner.

A well-maintained air-con can best cooling results and also assure an enhanced life span.

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