How can I monitor my Kids WhatsApp with TOS?

How can I monitor my Kids WhatsApp with TOS?

How can I monitor my spouse WhatsApp with TOS?

When you are in a relationship with your spouse or girlfriend, a piece of trust is necessary. Otherwise, there will be plenty of fights, heated arguments, and miss trust that will break the relationship for nothing. Nowadays, people in a relationship lose to use instant messaging apps to stay in touch with each other without paying anything. However, apart from their relationship, everyone has their friends, family and loved ones to whom they contact via WhatsApp.

However, the social messaging apps have been proved lethal for relationships because when anyone one of them sees their spouse online on the instant messenger they start creating suspicions in their minds. Most of the spouses start making arguments with their partner that why they don’t respond on social media app without knowing the genuine reason. On the other hand, it also happens due to less attention of the partner spouses do get approached by some other people and get involved in cyber infidelity.

Do WhatsApp make spouses to do cyber infidelity?

Since the bombardment of the cell phones and social messaging apps happened on us there are plenty of relationships are at stake. The element of trust deficit between the partners is leading them towards the brink of breakup or divorce. WhatsApp social media app enables the user to send and receive text messages, chats, sharing of videos, pictures, audio calls, video calls, and Voice messages and many other features.

People also can approach other people if they have their contact number and they start interacting with different and unknown people in their leisure time. So, there are plenty of spouses out there whose cases are true and their partners are cheating on them on instant messaging apps.

Now the question arises how they can get to know and monitor their spouse or partner social media activities on their cellphones. Technology has made easier for the spouses to know whether their partner is loyal to them or cheating on them with the use of TOS.

Install TheOneSpy on your spouse cellphone device

If you are suspicious enough about your spouse's loyalty and you want to monitor activities and spy on WhatsApp then you must have the technological tool to get the job done. You just need to use your mobile browser connected to cyberspace.

Now you need to visit the official webpage of TOS and when you have got access on the page then you need to subscribe for a cell phone tracking app. Now you need to check your email that you have given for having the license.

Get the credentials such as passcode and ID via email. Now you need to have physical access on the targeted mobile and once you have the access then instantly start the process of installation. When you have ended up with the process of installation then you need to activate it on the target device.

Now recall the passcode and ID and get access to the online control panel where you can get your hands on plenty of tools to monitor WhatsApp activities of your spouse. You will remotely upload the information of your partner’s cellphone and instant messaging app to the web control panel and you will get to know the reality. Let’s discuss the tools in the following.

Use TheOneSpy powerful & unique tools to monitor spouse WhatsApp

Screen recorder software

You can remotely get access to the spouse cellphone device using an online web control panel and activate the live screen recording tool. It empowers partners to record live screen activities at the time WhatsApp is activated on their cellphone. You can make short time videos of the screen and then deliver the recording to the online control panel. You can see the activities of your spouse on the instant messenger and get to know whether he/she was doing infidelity or not. This will help you out to prevent cheating of your spouse and further you will be able to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

WhatsApp logs

You can remotely get the logs of spouse WhatsApp activities and you can upload all the information in terms of messages, chats, audio-video calls, media sharing, and voice messages.


TheOneSpy is the best cellphone monitoring app on the web market. If you are suspicious about your spouse WhatsApp activities then you can easily get to know about it within no time.

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