How Can BJJ Help You Improve Your Health And Life

How Can BJJ Help You Improve Your Health And Life

BJJ is much more than just a means of self-defense. Once you start training BJJ, it will change your life in ways you didn't imagine.

BJJ is much more than a way to defend yourself or improve physical health. BJJ caught people’s eyes in the early days when Renzo was able to submit and defeat bigger opponents easily. To this day BJJ acts as a great combination with other martial arts in MMA. So, either you want to train only for BJJ or become an MMA artist, BJJ is the right and good place to start.

Its potential lies far beyond just as a martial art form. If you want to know how BJJ can change your life and help you improve it, not just physically but also mentally then let's have a look. But before you get into it be ready with BJJ rash guards and shorts or to go for the traditional style get yourself a GI.

Fitness and Health

BJJ is one of the martial art forms that can help you lose weight easily. This simple and easy looking martial art is not that simple at all. For once, get on the mats and try to hold your guard position for long enough, or perform a few takedowns and you will know. On top of that, you will also be doing some weight training.

BJJ drills followed by weight training and sparring makes a great HIIT workout. An intense one-hour session can burn 1,000 calories easily. This training also helps the body get strong, get toned, and gain lean mass. No more boring cardio or hours of boring training. Get started with BJJ and have fun, learn new skills, and get in the best shape. In BJJ training you won't have to hit someone or get hit, so there are no worries there.


Every one of us knows how to protect ourselves, those are basic instincts. But that self-defense is not good enough. BJJ teaches the art of self-defense, controlling the opponent, defusing the situation, and avoiding physical confrontation in the first place. Hence, it makes you ready to go the mile. When someone hits you the obvious reaction is to hit them back.

But that is not as effective as controlling the opponent. From there you can control the situation and end the fight there. This makes it a somewhat non-violent way of controlling a situation and defending yourself. But remember, just learning it is not enough. You have to practice it continues to be better at it. So keep the patience and keep on practicing.

Mental health

BJJ training is also great for mental health. It lets you explore your abilities you didn't know were there. Taking control of the situation, intense workout, sparring, learning new skills, having a beautiful body, and being a part of a big closely-knit community are the few most important things that help with better mental health. Having all these things, our stress, anxiety, and other things like negative thoughts are avoided.

You don't take it as a burden that you have to do because of some reason. Instead, you start looking forward to the next class. It is great to get relieved from stress, either it is work-related or personal, in fact, other martial arts like MMA, boxing, etc. are great, too.

Discipline, consistency, persistence, and will power are a few things that you will also learn with BJJ training. These things help you keep positive and keep progressing towards your goal. This helps achieve things on and off the mats which take you ahead of others. Martial arts is the only medicine for mental health problems that do not have side effects and are better than others.

Making Friends

Good friends are a blessing and BJJ allows you to make great friends that become like a family. Enter a BJJ gym and you will meet different people, doctors, engineers, police officers, etc. Soon you will connect with like-minded people and believe me growing, learning, and meeting each other daily will bond you like nothing else. With time your bonds will grow outside the gym and mats. You would have someone by your side, someone to talk to, share things with, and get help from.

Energize yourself

Going for a workout when you feel tired might sound counterintuitive, but it isn't. When you start working out the body requires more energy. That energy fulfills the lost one and gets the body ready for the next day. Continue to do so and you will feel more energized throughout the day when you were not working out.

This is true for any workout and martial arts, but the beauty of BJJ is that it will teach you life long lessons and self-defense. When you enjoy and learn a lot from it you will automatically start looking forward and would want to go rather than watch TV and get fat.


There is a lot more to BJJ than the above-mentioned things like it teaches you how to solve problems, overcome a situation, read the opponent, connect your mind with your body, sharpen your reflexes, strategize in advance and alter your plan according to the situation, etc. These things can become your key to success on and off the mats.

Other important skills like self-respect, respecting seniors and juniors, not looking down on anyone or anything (like other martial art forms), learning continuously even from the opponents, facing and overcoming challenges, and covering up for setbacks are also great.

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