Homemade Shave Scrub And The Uses Of Coconut Oil

Homemade Shave Scrub And The Uses Of Coconut Oil

Not only the skin cells in our face, but the cells in our body also require regular exfoliation to push dirt and dead skin out of the way to get healthy and glowing skin.

Exfoliation before a shave will give you a smoother leg and helps your shave last longer. A body shave scrub has big granules than a face scrub it is because your body is not as delicate. Mostly store-bought scrub comprises of many chemicals such as fruit-derived enzymes. Chemical exfoliating products may provide you glowing effects for a while but can lead to skin problems in the future. Whereas, natural exfoliation is the safest as you can make your own exfoliation scrub with ingredients available at your own kitchen.

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Homemade Scrub:


½ cup of coconut oil

½ cup brown sugar

½ cup coffee grounds

2-3 drops essential oils (citrus, lavender or peppermint oil)

STEP 1: whisk together all the ingredients and pour it into a tight container or a jar just a quarter size amount will work.

STEP 2: Store the scrub in a dry place until it shook it up.

STEP 3: Let your legs soak in water for a while, apply the mixture on your body, and rub it in a circular motion. The sugar rubs of all the dirt and dead skin from the body, oatmeal makes your skin softer, and coffee helps tighten the blood vessels making skin brighter.

STEP 4: Now, you can shave your legs with a good electric shaver.

STEP 5: Sensitive and dry skin does not respond well to scrubs, which may lead to redness and irritation to skin. So, one may use Afta after shave lotion.
Afta after shave lotion: Afta after shave lotion is light after shave lotion to soothe skin irritation by shaving. It has a light masculine scent that is clean and refreshing.

When/how to Use Shave Scrub:

  • If your skin is normal, you can use the scrub two to three times a week.
  • Whereas, if your skin is a dry and sensitive limit that to once a week.
  • Over scrubbing should be avoided because this can lead to irritation and dryness of the skin.
  • Always use a moisturizer after the process to get more nourished skin.
  • One should avoid using a scrub when having a skin rash or during sunburns.

Uses Of Coconut Oil

coconut oil
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Coconut uses are endless and have been a popular product for decades. Coconut oil is made by pressing fresh coconut meat or dried coconut meat known as copra and has numerous uses as in cooking, hair, natural beauty treatments, etc. Here are some uses of coconut oil in our daily life:

Coconut Oil For Hair:

  • Helps stimulates hair growth when used daily.
  • Coconut oil can leave the hair smoother and softer.
  • Coconut oil helps prevent harmful chemical from getting into hair.
  • Coconut oil stops hair to from absorbing water which can prevent frizz.
  • Protect your hair from bleaches, dyes, and harmful chemicals which are high in detergent.
  • Promotes scalp health fight problems such as insect bites, dandruff, and lice.

Coconut Oil For Health:

  • Including coconut oil in your diet will help you lose weight.
  • Coconut oil can reduce your hunger, helping you eat less.
  • Encourages the growth of good cholesterol.
  • Coconut oil boost metabolism because they are rich in lauric acid.
  • Treats kidney infection and protect the liver.
  • Can be used in natural face wash recipe to cleanse and moisturize.
  • Improve memory and brain function.

Coconut Oil For Beauty Treatment:

  • Helps breakdown any heavy waterproof eye makeup or mascara.
  • Works as a natural body lotion.
  • Coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which clear the germs in the mouth and leads to fresh gums and healthy teeth.
  • It is mixed with other essential oils to form a good massage mix.
  • Coconut oil mixed with baking soda is a good whitening toothpaste for your teeth.
  • Using coconut on your under-eye bags works as a good under eye cream.

Other Uses Of Coconut Oil:

  • Coconut oil helps speed healing sunburn.
  • Coconut oil is the ideal remedy for chapped lips.
  • It works as a natural sunscreen remedy; it is SPF4, which is enough to protect your skin from sun damage.
  • It is mixed with essential oils such as rosemary or mint as a natural bug repellent.
  • Reduce the itch of mosquito bites, chickenpox, or poison ivy.
  • Works as a diaper cream for painful diaper rashes for babies.
  • Coconut oil combined with eucalyptus oil is a natural vapor rub and cold remedy.
  • Combine coconut oil with essential oils to create a non-toxic soapy liquid to make laundry detergent.
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