Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Think to Design your Website without White Spaces

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Think to Design your Website without White Spaces

What’s the purpose of designing your business website?

Is it to have an identity OR to retain your customers on your website to learn about you?

Indeed website is the identity for businesses, it helps in increasing the global presence of the company.

But every website isn’t good enough to engage the customers on the site.

There are some factors that are essential to consider such as a good design, quality content, white spaces and the website readability.

Out of all the most important is white spaces.

What are White Spaces?

White Spaces also called as negative spaces are the blank areas on the website which increases the website readability by making the content readable and the design appealing. It’s the space between design, content, graphics, and margins which allow the elements to breathe.

We should remember that our goal is to keep our visitors on the site and to achieve this white space is important. It offers you great advantages for your website such as:

1.Increase Readability

Every website owner wants visitors to read their content and understand their business. White spaces in this context help to design the path for readers and gives them the direction to scroll. If your website is filled with a long paragraph or text, users will skim the content easily whereas short and engaging content filled with white spaces pique the interest of the audience to read.

2.Gives a Good Impression at First

Consider two websites; one is filled with content including long paragraphs, no headline breaks, and bullet points. While the other is a perfect read; short content, headlines and engaging bullet points that captivate the audience interest. Which one would you prefer to stay?

The one with short and captivating content, right? The first impression is important. Users can leave your website immediately when they see the text without spaces. On the contrary, text with white spaces gives a clear picture to the audience and help them to understand your business.

3.Improves the Design

If you’re looking to build a prolific design for your Houston web design company then working on design is essential. White spaces work as a separator between the design elements and enhance the visual layout. It adds in clear communication with the users and conveys ideas in the way you want.

It also creates a balance between the content and the design elements. But remember that too much white space on your website can convey the absence of the content and guidelines. While too little white spaces lead to unreliability, disorganization and unprofessionalism in your company’s product. So, it’s important that you create a balance between both.

4.Visible Call to Action (CTA)

In the amalgamation of the web design and content, we often forget the CTA button that becomes another element in the crowd. When you use white spaces you give your CTAs the breathing space and makes them visible on the whole.

Since white spaces are successful in increasing the comprehension by almost 20%, it also helps in balancing the design and enhancing the layout for a better return on investment (ROI)


White spaces not only adds in creating balance, increasing readability and harmony on the website but it’s also good for branding. It makes the design uncluttered and improves the visual layout.

However, if you’re considering using white spaces then discuss with your developer first and plan out the design. Because you can’t just include white spaces anywhere in the design. It has to be aligned with the content, margins, padding, and height of the design.

If you randomly include the white spaces in your design the layout can become meaningless. Every space you choose as a white space should have the reason and logic behind. Search some inspirational designs and take ideas from them. Obey the rules of white spaces before including it and make your design visually powerful.

I hope you’re now clear about the importance of web design especially in 2019. So, before your design become a left out option in the crowd, it’s better to mold it to the emerging trends and gain successful results. Right?

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