Here’s Why Difficult Areas Need Centipede Sod in Atlanta

Here’s Why Difficult Areas Need Centipede Sod in Atlanta

In the southeastern USA, it’s a renowned fact that most grass varieties or turf grass thrive better in warmer climates. For your sod order, it can become quite difficult for you to choose the right variety. Among the types available today, centipede grass makes it to the top as a grass type that most people do not know. Homeowners who wish to beautify their front yard or back yard have no clue on the use of this sod, its positive traits, and several benefits.

For your lawn needs, are you planning to choose centipede sod in Atlanta? Before you place the order on the sod, it is best that you learn more about the variety, the benefits, and then decide on the right type that is best for your home needs. However, when you choose centipede sod, here are some of the reasons why they fit right for your farm needs in Atlanta.

They are Great Weed Fighters

When it comes to weeding a lawn, for sure this can be a daunting and often frustrating job. If you end up relying on chemical weed treatments, it will not only threaten the quality of the weed but also affect your property. If you choose centipede grass as your sod, this will eliminate the need to pick between chemical and hand weeding. This is because the grass will aggressively spread and it will fill in spaces where weed could get the chance to sprout.

This resistance to weed usually occurs when the sod grows. During the first few months, it is still important that you let the roots grow in; you will have reduced weeding work to do for the remaining lawn.

Grows in Diverse Soil Types

Rest assured that centipede grass doesn’t need the specific fertile and enriched soil that most turf grasses actually demand. It has the power to grow well in acidic soil, loose, or sandy soil, where other types of grasses may dry. They also grow well in clay soils. In alkaline soil, however, it may not grow well. Keep them away from soul have high pH reading of 7.0. Rest assured that this kind of soil is not common, and rare in the southeast.

Rest assured that if you have centipede grass, it would save you thousands of dollars on home improvement, especially if you have clay or sandy soil and grass doesn’t grow in. Before making a choice, it is best that you have a test. This will always risk that you have a localized and rare high alkaline soil, and bring the pH down before you plant.

Low Maintenance

To stay new, they require less weeding. Generally, centipede sod you get from reliable experts like Atlanta Sod Farms takes less maintenance work when you compare it to others. Since they have relatively slow growth, this allows longer trims between their looking overgrown and shaggy. This type of grass usually suffers from fewer disease and pest problems compared to other varieties. They reduce the need for any emergency treatment even when you are busy.

Reduced Costs on Fertilizer

Another impressive quality of centipede sod is that it has the lowest nitrogen requirements compared to every other species used as turf. In fact, applying more than half a pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet links to a great decline in the health of the grass. In fact, if you have poor quality soil and end up spending more on ensuring the grass grows when you replace it with centipede sod, it will save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Requires No Dormancy

In winter months, much of the southeast region stays above freezing. Due to their need for a dormancy period, some turfgrass types fit poorly. Just to enjoy the pleasure of maintaining their lawn, some people end up moving to the South. For most, it’s a challenge to maintain their lawn when it receives snow cover.

Centipede sod is a great choice for your Atlanta home because it has no dormancy period. It has the capacity to grow all year round. The only time it will slow down in growth is when temperatures go low. However, it will still appear lush, green, and less need to mow in winter days.

As you can see, centipede sod offers several benefits. You just have to make sure that you choose the best sod farms in Atlanta for your purchase. Ask experts any questions you have in mind and choose the finest quality accordingly. You can also explore the details of this sod over the internet or through the help of recommendations. In the end, you should choose the best one that fits your budget and lawn requirements. Compare the quality of each type, and compare the pros and cons.

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