Here is How You Can Stay Healthy during Unemployment

Here is How You Can Stay Healthy during Unemployment

Unemployment is one of life’s most stressful events. Despite knowing that no job guarantees lifetime permanence, you feel angry, depressed and hurt when you lose it. It is a situation when you feel like you have been thrown off the cliff and your body is paralyzed. When things go against you, you must wish you would have a time-turner to go back in the past and change everything, but the bitter truth is lost time is never found again.

Unemployment brings stress along with it - the stress of paying off credit card bills, rent, food and utility expenses. Even though you have some savings, it is likely that you face difficulty paying all of your regular expenses and the situation becomes more complex when you encounter an emergency. If you try to take out fast loans for unemployed in Ireland, you will have to show your current income source that can be your unemployment benefits or income from a part-time job. If you are just relying on your savings, no lender will entertain your loan applications.

Well, whether you have enough money to meet your expenses or not, job loss is undoubtedly stressful. Your job is much more than a source of your living. It can influence how you see yourself and what others feel about you. It gives you purpose and meaning to live life, which is why unemployment can be depressing. When you lose your job, you not only lose your income, but also professional identity, self-esteem, confidence, purposeful activity, daily routine, work-based social network, and a sense of financial security. Unemployment, stress is temporary, but it affects the physical and mental health of people unless you land a new job. Here is how you can deal with it.

Think it is temporary

Grief is a natural response to the loss of a job. When you lose your job, you get flustered and try to make immediate decisions that lead you to a more complicated situation. Do not get flustered. There is nothing wrong if you grieve your job loss, but dredging up all the time is not good. You cannot change what has happened. Try to accept what has happened to you.

Unemployment is temporary. It will be no longer a part of your life as you land a new job. When your feelings overwhelm you, think that it is a temporary setback. Failure is obvious and most of the successful people have faced it, but they put it down to their experience. Express your feelings. If you are a blogger, you can share your experience with others. Writing about your job loss can help you recover from your sorrow. You will feel relieved from your negative thoughts.

Stay strong

It is likely that you stop interacting with your friends and family after losing your job due to embarrassment. Many people think that it can affect their dignity. Never let such negative thoughts affect your life. It is not only you who have faced this scenario. Social interaction will help you abate unemployment stress.

Share your experience with others and try to know how they managed to withstand this phase. You will get several tips and suggestions to deal with unemployment anxiety. However, sharing your experience with others does not mean that they need to be able to offer solutions. You will feel better even if they are a good listener, at least you are expressing yourself.

Build new relations

Since you are unemployed, it does not mean that you will lock yourself in a room to avoid embarrassment and shame. Building new relations can help you cope with unemployment stress as well as finding your new work. Use social media accounts to collaborate with groups. Meet new people with common interests in a sports club, library, etc. Volunteering is also a good option to get rid of negativity.

This will give you a sense of value and purpose. You will also get a lot of networking opportunities. Several companies do not advertise their jobs on job portals. They use social media platforms to approach people. Therefore, it is important that you maintain your presence on social media and try to collaborate with people.

Eat healthy food to stay focused

During unemployment, you can ignore the importance of eating healthy food. Though you need to spend most of your hours finding a new job, it does not mean that you will reduce the intake of food. It must be your priority. What you eat will have a huge impact on how you feel and react. Stay positive and maintain the level of energy.

Try to minimize refined carbs and sugar. You may hanker for comfort food such as pasta, potatoes, white bread, but such food can quickly affect your mood. Try to avoid stress eating. Most of the people eat food to attenuate stress, but this is a wrong approach. Stress eating leads to weight gain. Try to avoid excessive intake of caffeine and trans fats. They can adversely affect your mood.

Consume omega fatty acids and herbal drinks to uplift your mood. The best sources of omega fatty acids are salmon, mackerel and sardines. Avoid smoking and alcohol.

Meditate and sleep properly

The best way to stay away from stress is meditation and proper sleep. Meditation helps you get control over your thoughts. If you meditate regularly, you will feel positive and relaxed. Try to set a fixed time for meditation. Likewise, proper sleep is also very important. Insomnia not only causes irritation but also other physical and mental problems. As an adult, you must take eight-hour sleep.

The bottom line

The unemployment phase is very common, but the good thing is it is temporary. It is important that you stay healthy during a job loss. Be strong and make your effort in finding your job. Build a network, eat healthy food, meditation and sleep properly. Think positive and focus on what you can control. Have a routine because otherwise, you can lose your motivation. Make a schedule to make sure that you complete all your tasks.

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