Get A Sturdy Roof With Colorbond Sheets

Get A Sturdy Roof With Colorbond Sheets

In recent times, a large number of people across the globe are preferring metal roofs, especially made from colorbond sheets. So, that makes it a popular choice among different households? Unlike the tiled roofs that are prone to cracks and leakages, colorbond provides strong resistance to extreme weather conditions. This option is always worth exploring if you decide to buy a new house or give your home a rehaul. Besides, industries are also opting for this roofing solution in their workstations and factories.

What Is a Colorbond Sheet?

Colorbond is a steel coated roof panel that is ideally chosen as a roofing material over the topmost ceiling of the houses. These sheets offer a reliable and aesthetically viable solution for roofing to architects, designers, builders and owners due to their durable and other multifaceted features.

Advantages of Using Colorbond as a Roofing Material

It has been already mentioned that colorbond sheets are better roofing material when compared to the traditional tiles. Now, we will be discussing some of the advantages of using these sheets:

1. Long-Lasting with Little Maintenance

Colorbond is very sturdy, and little maintenance is needed, as the colour is literally bonded to the metal. This means there are no chances of acquiring rust, which eventually reduces the shelf life of the metal. These sheets resist chipping, peeling and cracking with their baked finish. Moreover, it doesn’t leak and cracks like the roof tiles, as these sheets are less prone to such kind of damages. Additional properties include termite resistance, non-combustible, and weather guard.

2. Sturdy Roofing Material

Colorbond sheets are perfect for different types of buildings, regardless of the fact that whether these have no pitch, less pitch, or steep pitch. Apart from that, as a roofing material, these are so lightweight that you only need to unroll them to install on the rooftops easily. As a result, there is no substantial burden on your building’s framework and foundations which were earlier present with tiles.

3. Thermal Insulative Qualities

This high thermal efficient material provides better insulation to your home in the extreme weather conditions in both summers and winters. This insulative material radiates less heat into a home or building and cools much faster at night. Some sheets incorporate Thermatech® technology that optimizes the solar reflectance properties of the roof. The prices of the electricity bill can drag-down significantly if you opt for this insulation feature.

4. Water-Resistant

The type of sheeting present in the colorbond allows the water to run down quickly. The ridges in colorbond sheets are tailored to drain away all the rainwater. Conversely, tiled roofs used to accumulate rainwater due to reasons like damage, cracks and improper installation. The sturdy outer body and framework of these sheets have lower-risks of leakage.

5. Environmentally Sustainable

Saving our environment from harmful substances has already put an alarm in different parts of the world. Hence, one must be conscious of the use of any new products launched in the market. Made from steel, these sheets are 100% recyclable and can be reused. These can be pre-cut and delivered to the building site to ensure there is less wastage of products that puts an impact on our surroundings.

6. Contemporary Look

You can give a minimalistic finish to your building or home with a wide range of shades and colours available in out there. The sheets compliment the general property and colours of your house and render it a neat and contemporary look.

7. Overall Cost

Even though tiles are cheaper in rate, the subsequent pricing of the colorbond sheets will ultimately depend upon installation, painting, adding extra insulation, and future maintenance. Colorbond eventually keeps the bill down owing to its insulating features and low maintenance after installation. The roofing system overall cost, in the long run, is lesser in colorbond when compared to that of roof tiles.

Colorbond sheets have emerged as the latest means of protecting your roof from the intense climatic conditions. There are plenty of advantages to having a colorbond roof in comparison to a tiled roof. Now, it is up to the owners to decide whether colorbond is a perfect choice for their house or not.

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