Fundamental Concepts In Numerology

Fundamental Concepts In Numerology

The science of numerology plays an effective and vital role in every person’s life. Numbers and their interconnection with us are due to our past karmas and previous life events. Our date of birth gives lots of information related to our day to day life and our behavior, our likes, and dislikes. But there are two more numbers which are related to our lives and events occurring in our life. They are our birth name number and our fortune number. The concept of numerology is typically based on these three numbers. The interesting part of numerology is that when one person finds relevancy between his number and the numerology aspects then the level of excitement and curiosity increases in the person.

If a person has a correct name with the context of numerology then he can get all the worldly pleasures and success in any field they wish for. Some people doubt numerology concepts. Maybe due to their lack of knowledge in science or they have learned the wrong technique of it. The numerology surprises can be observed in our day to day lives.

Importance of Birth Number

Your birth number can give a lot of information about your features, your appearance, your strengths, and weaknesses etc. You can know the choice of a person, his selection in making relations, friendships etc through his birth number. Most of the aspects such as favorite color, favorite dish etc, are connected with the birth number. Now, let us see how we can calculate the birth number. A very significant number of all the three numbers which describes everything from financial aspects to health problems is your birth number.

Calculation of birth number

If a person is born on 6 January then his birth number will be 6. If a person is born on 28 September then his birth number is 2+8=10=1+0=1 i.e. 1. Actually, if the birth date number is a two digit number then we have to add it till we get the single digit.

Importance of fortune number

The fortune number of a person represents his objective, his route, and his reason for coming in the world. Basically, every person on earth has come on earth to fulfill an aim. The fortune number indicates aspects related with the chances and challenges a person will face in his life. This number will indicate where you will be taken to in your life and what you are really worthy of. You wish to become a teacher and you turn out to be a fashion designer. If you have a strong destiny number then you will be victorious and unbeaten in life.

Calculation of fortune number

In order to know the fortune number, you need to sum up the number of your date, month and year. You will have to add the digits till you get a single digit. The single digit will result in your fortune number. For example is your date of birth is 6/08/1989 then you will have to add 6+0+8+1+9+8+9= 41= 4+1=5. 5 is your fortune number.

Importance of a person's name number

Your first name will be effectively used to derive your name number. While the birth number and fortune number cannot be changed, still the name number can be changed. You can change your name number by simply changing your name. Name number plays an immense role in a person’s life for accepted socially. A name number which is not well-matched with the date of birth will give rise to bad slander for the person. It is often seen that people having powerful name number lead a smooth and flexible life. People who do not have good name number usually come across delays and troubles in life. You must be careful while selecting a name for yourself or for any other person.

Calculation of name number

Here, I will teach you how to calculate name number as per the Chaldean theory. See the table given below.


Related Numbers


Related Numbers

A, I, J, Q, Y


E, H, N, X


B, K, R


U, V, W


G, L, S, C


O, Z


D, M, T


F, P


Suppose your name is Meghan Dodson. Then you will add in this way:

M+E+G+H+A+N+D+O+D+S+O+N = 4+5+3+5+1+5+4+7+4+3+7+5= 53= 5+3=8. Hence, 8 is your name number.

Impact of numbers on one’s life

The base of Numerology is basically to study numbers from 1 to 9. Each of these numbers has some specialties, some negative beatings, and some positive activities so you must study regarding these numbers deeply to understand the characteristics correlated with each number.

If you are a person whose birth date is 1, 10, 19, 28, then you are born active person when your force level is balanced. If you are born on dates 2, 11, 20, 29 then you are the heavenly body and you wish for peace and harmony. If you are born on dates 3, 12, 21, 30 then you are a spiritual being who is having human skills. If you are born on dates 4, 13, 22, 31 then you are organized and enduring. If you are born on dates 5, 14, 23 then you will never cheat your partner. If you are born on dates 6, 15, 24 then you will bestow unconditional love on people whom you like the most. If you are born on dates 7, 16, 25 then you have an analytical approach and you are a thinker. If you are born on dates 8, 17, 26 then you are materially focused and good judge of character. If you are born on 9, 18, and 27 then as per the numerology science, you have qualities of all the other numbers.

There are lots of pros and cons, make and break, strengths and weaknesses interrelated to each number. From past many years, numerologists are trying to study the numbers and its reflection on one’s life. The science of numerology is vast and deep. The most basic conception and facts are inculcated above. You must keep reading various blogs and articles to understand this subject clearly.

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