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Food Items You Should Avoid In Rainy Season

Food Items You Should Avoid In Rainy Season

Thunderstorm and breezy winds arrive with the knocking of the monsoon season. With the smiles on the lips, and excitement of relief from the scorching heat, people usually welcome the rainy season. In many houses, samosas and pakoras with chai are prepared as a rainy day recipes to cherish the mild rainstorm. In short, rain brings pleasure. Still, there are certain food items which if taken, in the rainy season, lead to ailments. Doctors and nutritionists strictly advise avoiding all these foodstuffs to remain protected from several types of diseases. Let us check out those food items which are harmful in the season of heavy rainfall.


All-time favorite item Pani-puri must be strictly avoided during the rainy season. Intake of this item in monsoon times can cause troubles indigestion. To feel free from stomach problems, immunity issues, and several other infectious diseases, you need to avoid Pani-puri.

Fried food items

You may be fascinated towards fried foodstuffs when there is embark of heavy rainfall. However, you must try making some fried food items at your home instead of roaming around the street to consume it. Street vendors often offer chaat, samosas and many other fried items for the public. But, a rainy season is not the correct time to consume such food items. You must ignore such items at least for health’s sake.

Carbonated cold drinks

Mineral levels and enzymes activity are decreased by carbonated drinks. This leads to indigestion. Monsoon is a time when digestion is by now feeble. Hence, the intake of such cold drinks is really not good for the body and mind. Instead of it, water can be consumed as it will aid in maintaining the digestive system and immune system.

A ginger tea or green tea is advisable to take during such times.

Street vendor juices

From fruits that are cut well in advance or stale fruits, the juices are made by the street vendors. There is a high probability of infection occurring through such juices. Similarly, a fruit salad sold on the road may be infectious and prone to many diseases. Instead, you can make fresh juices at home itself and consume it instantly.


As rainy time is considered as breeding season for fish and prawns and so, they are greatly ignored at this occasion of the year. If you want to satisfy your cravings for non-vegetarian food then you must stick to chicken and mutton and make it as rainy day dinner ideas. However, if it is tremendously required to consume seafood then you must do the freshest selection of it and take a good care while cooking it.

Peeled or Precut fruits

Peeled or precut food are always kept in open and if consumed can lead to food poisoning. Hence, you should stay away from these items. Even, you must avoid the usage of mangoes once the monsoon starts. A variety of fruits such as papayas, bananas, pears etc are actually in the catalog of rainy day foods. you can even munch nuts and seeds in smaller quantities.

These are some of the lists of items; you must pass on to protect yourself from any type of illness. Your health is in your hand and you should not compromise anything with health issues. After all, health is wealth.

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