Five Stories And Only One Path, Make The Plot Of Destinies

Five Stories And Only One Path, Make The Plot Of Destinies

Dreams, nostalgia for the past and the life that passes in front of our eyes is the thread of Destinies, a film that tells the stories of five characters, who weave their paths in the search for their own self-realization.

A boxer who wants more than just a victory, an ex-convict who needs to get back on track after 30 years, a sweeper who has only one dream, a construction worker who is dedicated to others, and a woman who gives up music because of pain, are the protagonists of a story that spans their individual experiences.

"These five characters will realize that sometimes looking to the future is the only way to recover the past". This is how Andrés Valcárcel, film producer of Destinos, expresses it, a work that adds his already recognized successes throughout more than 10 years of experience in the film industry.

The director of Destinos Alexander Giraldo looked for one of the most recognized production houses in Colombia for his co-production of the film, La Guapa Films, a multi-awarded production house with a great influence in the audiovisual industry of his country of which Valcárcel is a partner since its inception 10 years ago.

From his participation in the film, of which he became the main role of the entire production, Valcárcel emphasizes how demanding the production was, especially when it came to getting the 65 locations that were necessary for the 18 days of shooting, in which only one location was repeated. Nine months were needed to shoot the last day, and this was done in the city of Cereté, Córdoba.

Seven months were spent shooting with the main actors, doing conceptual work and approaching the characters, from the costumes, accessories and narrative elements.

"From the very beginning, the proposal for the actors was to work without a specific guide, that is, there was no text. All the work consisted of conversations and personal tasks between the director and each of the actors. The script was only read a couple of weeks before the film was shot," he explains.

One feature that made Destinos' narrative more vivid was that none of the characters knew what happened to another protagonist; each actor only knew his or her own universe. The intention, says the Producer, was for each actor to concentrate on his character and experience the interaction with the stories during the shoot.

The cast is made up of a first class cast, says Andres Valcarcel, "For Destinations Alexander the director of the film had clear who he wanted for each role, several of them had already worked with him in the film 180 Seconds. When we did the casting we understood and saw each one of them playing their role we understood why he already had them in his mind" Cast: Angélica Blandón, Alejandro Aguilar, Manuel Sarmiento, Andrés Torres, Diego Ramírez Hoyos. Accompanied by Jeniffer Arenas, Julio Pachón, María Soledad Rodríguez, Marcela Valencia, Roberto Iznaga, Roger Moreno, Lauren Emilia Ceballos, Cami Martínez and Violeta Aguilar.

"In the end, the production had a great response from the audience since it was screened in all Cinecolombia theaters in the country, we also had several invitations and awards from different national and international festivals," says Valcárcel.

Destinos was awarded in 2016, both in Colombia and abroad. At the VIII Santander International Film Festival (FICS), Colombia, it received the award for Best Colombian Film; at the II Cúcuta International Film Festival -FICCU it was recognized with the Audience Award; and in Cali, it was the winner of the Stimulus Call. In Ecuador, it received a Special Mention from the Jury at the Nuevo Festival de Cine de Cuenca.

Where does the time that is lost go, is it made or followed by destiny? These are the concerns that are put on the table for the spectator, who remains expectant throughout this plot that makes it an impulsive film.

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