Fitness Redefined through Underwater Gym

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Fitness Redefined through Underwater Gym

In our hectic work schedule, we have just concentrated more on work in order to be an edge above the others. In the process we have neglected everything that came in the middle, it, however, may be as crucial as our health and peace of mind. While on the other hand there are some fitness freaks who just think of ways and means to keep themselves healthy. They spend considerable time in gyms and follow rigorous schedule to keep them in shape. Some contend that going to a gym is not a natural way of losing weight and they might regain it faster once they leave the gym. They must exercise at home and increase their walking clubbed with diet control. This aid metabolism and reduce weight in a systematic manner.

With the advent of latest technology, fitness solutions are redefined and one can keep himself fit in numerous ways. One of the latest developments in the field is an underwater gym. Underwater gyms are nothing but regular gyms that are there in the water. All the machines are placed in a pool full of water and exercises are done in the resistance offered by water. We are aware of the fact that even swimming helps in weight reduction and this underwater gym works on the same mechanism. Aqua cycling is another form of exercise where you have to cycle in water. In this system, cycle is placed in water and you are asked to pedal against the resistance of water. Benefits of underwater cycling and underwater gym-

  • Burns calories effectively- Aqua cycling burns about 800kcal per hour. Resistance provided by the water helps to exert more and burn more calories. It even helps blood circulation.

  • It helps getting rid of cellulite- Cellulite is caused by toxins in the body and aqua gym helps in reducing it to a great extent. Though there are some cellulite creams available in the market they are not as effective as exercise if you plan to get rid of cellulite.

  • Aids blood circulation- Water causes hydrostatic pressure that is helpful in blood circulation and energizes muscles.

  • Painless workout- You will be surprised that you no longer feel knee joint pain and physical fatigue that is normal after exercise and your body still work out as efficiently as you can think.

  • Increases Breathing – Exercising underwater enhances blood and oxygen flow in the body and helps increase breathing capacity.

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