Everything You Need To Know - Revolt RV 400

Everything You Need To Know - Revolt RV 400

In recent years, the discussion related to climate change has become substantially more intense, with the government sticking the prime impute on combustion-powered vehicles. The automobile manufacturers, on the other hand, are shifting their focus towards electric mobility. I, for one, have always been sceptical about electric mobility, since there are a number of concerns such as range anxiety, charging infrastructure and battery life associated with it.

Revolt Motorcycles, a Delhi-based start-up co-founded by the co-founder of Micromax in India, commences their innings with the first fully-electric motorcycle of the country, RV 400. That said, we are already aware that the RV 400 is essentially a rebadged Super Soco TC Max for the Indian market. However, Revolt has made some crucial changes to RV 400, to suit the Indian consumer. So, here’s a glance of what’s on offer, from our Revolt RV 400 review.

Compact Streetfighter!

Fundamentally, the Revolt RV 400 is unlike any other conventional motorcycle in the country. Sure, it does stand out in the crowd, but it isn’t as tacky as some electric scooters we have seen in the past. The headlamp design – with the chunky projector and LED DRLs on both ends – is eye-catching and the turn indicators are equipped with LEDs. Furthermore, the USD forks, rear monoshock, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a muscular fuel tank exude a Streetfighter appeal from the Revolt. Talking about the fuel tank, instead of holding fuel, it houses a 72V lithium-ion battery and a small compartment to store some documents or small knick-knacks.

In profile, the Revolt looks nice and sporty. However, it is a compact motorcycle, which might be a turn off for tall riders. The 3kW mid-motor is neatly integrated underneath the battery storage area. The design is very likeable, and the overall build quality and fit-and-finish are on par with the best 150cc motorcycles, if not better. The bike is available in two shades – Red and Black. Although I did prefer the red, the black looks stealthy and a little muted to my eyes.

Electrifying performance?

The Revolt RV 400 features a 3kW mid-drive electric motor coupled to a 3.24kWh lithium-ion battery. On paper, that translates to about 8 to 10bhp of mechanical power. Now, at 108kg, the Revolt 400 weighs in almost as much as a 110cc gearless scooter. And since there are no lubricants or liquids, the weight remains unchanged. The ground clearance is a good 200mm, which is certainly better than the off-road biased Hero Xpulse. However, the Revolt RV 400 remains to be an urban motorcycle.

Fire up the engine, and the bike is extremely silent. Now, you can opt for an artificial engine sound via Revolt’s mobile application and activate it with just the press of a button. Although the sound remains artificial, it happens to be a good measure to warn other travellers, given the traffic conditions in the country.

It’s worth noting that the Revolt comes with three riding modes – Eco, Normal and Sport. In Eco mode, the acceleration is sluggish but the riding range increases to a mind-numbing 156km. Switch to Normal mode, and while the acceleration feels a little better off the foot, the riding range is modestly compromised. The Sport mode, on the other hand, seeps maximum performance from the motor, while vastly affecting the riding range.

The handling of the Revolt is very light, which might be a boon for riding in the city, but it doesn’t offer any feel or feedback from the front section. The ride quality is very good, but the stiffer set suspension suffers while tackling bumps and undulations.


There’s no denying the fact that the Revolt RV 400 is an enticing motorcycle, and it exceeded our expectation on many fronts. But the challenge still lies in the charging infrastructure. Now, Revolt motorcycles, at the time of launch, came up with a ton of charging solutions and consumer-centric features. But, there’s only so much a company can do, as it still lies in the hand of the government to push electric mobility to a frenetic pace. As for the bike, well, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about the Revolt RV 400. For our extensive Revolt RV 400 review, be sure to visit us at autoX.

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