Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

The tooth is an essential part of our body, it may for a good appearance and attractive smile or chewing of food for better digestion, above all for proper speaking of a language it is important to have good healthy teeth. There are generally four types of teeth which are incisors, canines, premolars, and molars, amongst which the wisdom teeth are the third and the final set of molars. People usually get their wisdom teeth in the late teens or early twenties. This set of teeth is considered to be the most valuable asset of the mouth. Moreover, it becomes quite relevant for wisdom teeth to be properly aligned; as if it is misaligned then it needs to be removed.

Misaligned wisdom teeth can lead to the damage of other adjacent teeth, nerves or the jawbones, and this may require wisdom teeth removal. These misaligned wisdom teeth are either angled inward or outward, and this poor alignment of teeth can lead to the damage of the teeth. Whether it is fully or partially damaged wisdom teeth allow space for the bacteria to enter around the teeth, which eventually causes infection. This infection later results in pain, swelling of the jaw and also causes general illness. These partially damaged teeth are known to be much more prone to tooth decay which causes various gum diseases.

What Is the Need for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

It is not relevant to remove wisdom teeth unless they are healthy and grown completely. Being the third molars, they are generally grown at the back of the mouth. Therefore, it becomes necessary for them to grow in a fully erupted manner so that they are correctly positioned in a correct manner. When a person has such kind of wisdom teeth then the requirement for wisdom teeth removal doesn’t appear, and one need not do that.

But this is not always possible in the case of every person as the growth of the wisdom teeth is troublesome for a few people. As these teeth are grown at the back of the mouth so it is not always relevant that they get proper space to grow, and ultimately it causes various problems. Besides this, it also leads to the damage of the nearby teeth’s and the need for wisdom teeth removal becomes relevant.

The professional dentist always recommend that if a person is facing any sort of problem concerned with their wisdom teeth, then it becomes necessary for them to get it removed. It’s not only the older people but there are also young people above 18 years who have been seen in getting their wisdom teeth pulled off at an early age. The need for this usually arises when the following seems to appear in the areas of the wisdom teeth:

  • Causing gum diseases
  • Excessive tooth decay
  • Damaged caused in the nearby teeth
  • Causing of tumours
  • Infection caused in the soft tissue behind the last tooth

The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removing wisdom teeth at an early stage is always beneficial. Wisdom teeth removal generally takes place to prevent future problems that can appear related to these teeth. If the jaws are not large enough for the growth of the wisdom teeth then it can break part ways through the gums, causing damage in the tissue. Therefore, to prevent such kind of problem it becomes necessary for the wisdom teeth to get it removed at an early stage.

Moreover, not removing the impacted wisdom teeth can be risky, and it can cause infection in the mouth leading to mouth discomfort. Therefore, this must not be avoided and must be seen to such problems as soon as possible.

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