Eleaf Wholesale at Kingdom Vapor

Eleaf Wholesale at Kingdom Vapor

The vaping market is hot right now and it is only going to get hotter as more and more people jump on board seeking the intense flavors and cathartic clouds of vapor. That knowledge is enough for you to know that your vape shop needs to be well stocked in the best brands the market has to offer and the most popular brands with consumers. Kingdom Vapor is the best in the game when it comes to convenient ordering and a steady supply of the best and brightest brands. That’s why you can turn to Kingdom Vapor when you’re in the market for Vandy Vape, iJoy, Smok and Eleaf Wholesale.

Why Eleaf?
Eleaf is a legend as well as a staple in the vaping community, specializing in atomizers and starter kits while still offering its own line of product accessories to be a full solution for the vaping enthusiast. Although a fairly young company, when Eleaf introduced its iStick, it gained rapid notoriety and was quickly adopted into vaping circles. When temperature control technology hit the scene, Eleaf developed newer models of the iStick series such as the iStick QC 200W or the 40W, which offers vapers greater control of their vaping pleasure by eliminating overheating and dry hit concerns and optimizing flavor and vapor output. Customers also covet the attractive designs of the iStick, iPower, iKonn and Aster mods as much as the aforementioned features. Models such as the iPower mod offer variable wattage for compatibility with customizable parts. These mods also offer device safeguards such as overcharge and over discharge protection. At Kingdom Vapor, you will also find cables for charging, replacement coils, and accessories such as stickers to flaunt your style, leaving you with no shortage of supplies to keep not only you, but your customers happy as well.

Kingdom Vapor – Experience and Convenience
Choosing Kingdom Vapor for Eleaf Wholesale carries many intangible benefits on top of the obvious. Kingdom Vapor’s team of experienced and knowledgeable representatives know the market and the growing areas as well as the buzz generated by consumers that translates to sales volume. Kingdom Vapor also does not require minimum order quantities, a frequent gripe amongst vape shop owners and distributors who dislike the inconvenience of being required to purchase more than they need. With Kingdom Vapor, you are free to purchase what you need and no more. Kingdom Vapor is also at the forefront of the market, following the brands that are growing and keeping ears pricked for the voices of their consumers. As such, you can trust the stock at Kingdom Vapor to be held in high regard by consumers, and you can also expect that when you hear a customer asking for a certain product, you can be sure of where to find it.

Top to Bottom for Your Vape Shop
Not only does Kingdom Vapor stock the best in Eleaf supplies and keeps itself on the razor’s edge of consumer preference, they also have a huge selection of popular brands and everything consumers need not only to get started vaping, but to customize their hobby and raise it to an art form. Kingdom Vapor stocks kits to get vapers started, regulated and mechanical mods, atomizers and tanks including sub ohm tanks, and e-liquids to fuel it all. On top of that Kingdom Vapor carries a full line of accessories ranging from batteries and chargers to replacement parts. When you need to stock the vape gear that customers want most, Visit the pros at KingdomVapor.com to up the game and bring your vape shop to the next level!

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