Editor Jing Wang leaves audiences guessing with new crime flick ‘Catch Me’

Editor Jing Wang leaves audiences guessing with new crime flick ‘Catch Me’

Filmmaking, as China’s Jing Wang knows too well, is a true form of art. However, unlike painting, sculpting or drawing where one person is behind the masterpiece, making a movie is a collaborative art form, and that is what Wang loves. It takes a team of artists to come together to create a captivating production, all toward the goal of leaving an impression on the audience.

“The best thing about film is that people are willing to spend hours in one place watching a story that was created by others. Filmmakers are willing to spend their creativity and skills to create a story for others to watch,” said Wang.

Wang, a celebrated film editor, spends each and every day doing what she loves most in the world. She aims to move people with her work, and with her films Headphone, Burgeoning, Substitute, and more, she has done just that.

One of Wang’s most recent successes is the film Catch Me. Her first in the crime genre, Catch Me has already won Best Crime Film at both the Top Shorts and LAFA festivals in December 2019.

Catch Me follows Police Officer John and his team, who are looking for a serial killer. John has a good friend, Clown, who always brings him happiness, but John's team finds a connection that leads them to believe Clown is the serial killer. John can't accept this result; he thinks there must be something wrong. However, when his police partners die one after the other, he begins to doubt Clown.

“I relish the end of this film. There is a young clown in the film which keeps the audience thinking. Due to the blur of the timeline, it is difficult for the audience to know whether this is a young clown or another little boy who wants to become a clown. At the end of the film, the young clown asks John if the clown is a bad guy or not, John answered no, he brings happiness to the people. Then the little boy starts smiling strangely. The ending of the film is very powerful because it confuses the audience to some extent and makes the audience wonder about the uncertainty which is exactly what the director and I wanted,” said Wang.

Wang has loved watching crime TV series and movies since she was a child, loving the mysterious aspects that keep audiences engaged. When she saw that the script for Catch Me was about crime, she was very excited, eager to make her debut in this genre. When she teamed up with Director Yongnan Zhu, she knew instantly they could make a great film together.

“Jing approaches each task with a high level of confidence, but she also understands the importance of following explicit orders to make a production successful. She is self-motivated and detail oriented. She is a talented young female filmmaker with solid knowledge about film editing and also has her own view of the industry. She can handle any task thrown at her and is willing to help wherever and whenever she can. It's a pleasure to work with her,” said Zhu. “Jing is able to catch the tiny motion and always can find the best footage for a certain sense. She is really helpful and is able to help the team to tell the better story.”

This film had a very tight deadline, and Wang had to work under an immense time crunch to complete everything on time. This was quite the challenge, as the film has a lot of dialogue. She had to spend a great deal of her time editing the dialogue between characters, and also pushing the main character's emotion forward during that dialogue. She wanted the audience to feel that John was right in his trust at the beginning, but then as the movie progresses, have them questioning that. Wang, however, found that perfect balance of speed and quality. Not only did she complete everything early, she did so seamlessly, allowing the film to go on to see the success it now has.

Be sure to check out Catch Me to see Wang’s outstanding work.

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