Does Indian Education System Need A Change?

Does Indian Education System Need A Change?

Indian education system lacks in many areas. Right from marking system to proper guidance towards a career, there are many issues which hinder the development of Indian education system. Let us look at some facts which highlight that Indian education system really needs a change.


In India, students are told to do mugging and simply focus on their marks. Students in school are made to focus only on textbooks. Students are more passionate about marks and grades rather than learning and understanding. Due to loads of pressure and stress due to studies, many students are attempting suicides. Many private schools have hi-fi fee structure. In rural areas, there are still many children who only dream to go to school. There is no good infrastructure. Teachers are not taught ethics. Teachers are given fewer salaries. Teacher to student’s ratio is very low due to which teachers are unable to focus on each and every child. Only 3% of GDP is used up by Indian education government. Thus, these are some of the consequences which drastically needed to be changed.


As per the right to education, every child of India must get admission in the school. Students must be taught practical things related to their textbooks. They must be taught logical aspects related to studies. There should be extra-curricular activities for students in the school. Each school must have a playground. There must be the complete availability of textbooks for government school’s students. Logical thinking and creative thinking must be encouraged among the students. There should be only 30 students in each and every class so that a teacher can be able to focus on all the students.

Literacy Rates of Foreign Countries

The GDP spend in education field by USA and Brazil is 5.4% and 5.7%. South Korea and China invest heavily in its universities. There are high literacy rates found in these countries. As per the survey, South Korea focuses more on their early childhood education. There is technology-based education system in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Among the top ten performing countries of the world, Finland has its place. These are some analysis done by the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment).


The education system in India desires revolutionary changes terribly. From syllabus to marking system, the overall change in attitude is needed. With the effective learning system, India can lucratively use its huge human resources.

We, Indians, are in such an environment where a writer, football player, a cricketer, a director, an artist etc all are compelled to sit in the same classroom and are forced to pass the exams irrespective of their interests. People in India have made educational institutes a business system. Students are forced to studies and leave their interests behind the studies.

The whole attitude towards the education system of each and every citizen needs to be modified. Maybe, the upcoming years in Indian education system will display a new scenario where students will be given quality education.

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