Documents Required For Applying For Business Or Company Pan Card

Documents Required For Applying For Business Or Company Pan Card

There is no denying that the PAN card is one of the most essential types of document that all the taxpayers require. And taxpayers do not mean just individuals, but also companies and organisations that are established in India or doing business in India. Even if a domestic company doing business offshore, it will require a PAN card.

For getting a PAN card it is essential to apply for PAN card online by self or with the help of a consultant firm. With the successful submission of the application form 49A for Indian citizens or Companies of Indian origin and 49 AA for NRIs and companies originating outside India, PAN card can be obtained.

And above all, proper and authentic documents submission is a must. This will ensure that the applicant (a company or an individual) is not a fake and is eligible for PAN card application.

Identity proof and address proof of proprietorship required for PAN card

• School leaving certificate
• Credit card
• Depository account
• Bank account
• Water bill
• Ration card or others as mentioned in the official website for PAN card application

Address proof

• Electricity bill
• Credit card
• Bank account
• Passport
• Voter’s card
• The property tax bill and others.

In case one finds the process of pan card application a little hectic, it is always better to opt for PAN card service provider. You can give your task to be done by an experienced and skilled agent who will complete the application perfectly on your behalf.

Documents for company or firm PAN cards

Just like proprietorship, companies must also submit certain identity proofs and other documents.

The type of documents the firm or the company will submit depends on the type of the organisation and its origin. Here is a list of documents that an organisation requires to submit to get its PAN card.

Companies- registration certificate issued by the Registrar of companies

LLP Firm- registration certificate issued by the Registrar of LLPs.

Partnership firm- the deed of partnership or the certificate of registration.

Trusts- trust deeds or registration certificate by the Charity Commissioner.

Association or body of individuals- State or Central Government department documents as proof addressing such an individual, agreement or the registration certificate.

To get to know in details about the documents regarding PAN card application, make sure you learn from the official website of the PAN card issuing body. You may also rely upon an agency concerned with such official works for clients and handle them with utmost care and responsibility.

In case you are not sure whether to get a PAN card for your company, you must know it is a mandatory document that is beneficial for businesses and authenticates the business. It is used by the IT department to track all the financial transactions a business does in a financial year.

Also, one does not require falling under the taxpaying category to get a PAN card. No matter what type of business you run or how big or small your company may be, a PAN card is necessary.

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