Do These Great Exercise to Get Toned Obliques and Abs

Do These Great Exercise to Get Toned Obliques and Abs

Everyone wants to have a toned and great body. But the problem is just the crunches are not enough. To get great oblique and ab muscles to do the following exercises.

A strong core and abs mean a strong body as it supports and strengthens your spine. On the other hand, it reduces bad fat from the body, preventing diseases like diabetes, some forms of cancer, heart attack, depression, etc. Getting a great looking body and lean mass is not that difficult actually. All you have to do is eat a healthy and controlled diet and workout well. The crunches are thought to be the gold standard and only required important exercise. But that is of course not true. Get your bodybuilding clothes if you want to build a great looking body and include the following into your workout.

Oblique muscles

The oblique muscles are not just the abs at the front. You also have to focus on the side and upper abs as well as making the core strong. This will improve your overall look, strengthen the body, and build strong long-lasting muscles. Taking the shortcuts and quick ways to achieve the results will only give you short term results.


Breakdancer pumps your heart good and helps shed extra layers of fat. Meaning it helps get you the required results faster. To start, get on your knees and hands, place the hands under your shoulders and knees under the hips. Now rotate your body sideways and balance it on the left arm and right leg or vice versa. Kick with your left leg and raise the right arm up, and try to hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat with another leg and this makes one rep. This is just a beginning, getting great abs is not easy. Act like a bodybuilder wearing bodybuilding clothes.

Plank with Dips

Planks are great exercises that strengthen the back, core, and oblique muscles. Try different variations of planks and add to it how you like. For instance, start with a low plank, then switch to a high plank, followed by a side plank each for one minute. Or you can raise one leg and arm in each plank form to make it intense. Holding one plank for one minute might not seem difficult but continuing to do planks for 4 minutes without any break will definitely shed a lot of belly fat.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is another good exercise for abdomen and obliques. It also strengthens the core and pelvis. You can either do simple mountain climbers or try an inclined or declined one. For inclined, place your hands on a bench or chair in front. Make sure you won't slip, once set, bring one knee to the chest, hold the position for about 3 seconds and repeat with the alternate leg. Keep the motion slow and steady.

Windshield Wipers

For this workout place your feet on a box that is about knee height or lower. Now get yourself into a pushup position. Keeping one foot on the box brings one leg out and extends it at about a 4-degree angle. Keep both legs straight and try to keep the extended leg off the ground. Return to the beginning position and repeat with the other leg.

Supine Obliques

Supine oblique exercise strengthens your core, abdominal muscles, and especially the lower back. Start by lying on your back, then extend the arms up straight towards the ceiling. Now lift your knees-up such that the soles of feet point towards the wall and thighs are parallel to the arms. Now turn the legs from one side to the other as slowly as you can. Try not to rotate the upper body.

Twist Curls

To do this exercise lie on your back and feet on the ground making a V shape with your legs. Hold a medical ball or any other ball like football or basketball you have available. Press the ball in by pointing your elbows outwards. Now lift your head up and curl the abs. Raise your head while pressing the ball and hold the position for about 1 minute. Start where you feel comfortable but increase the time gradually and hold the position as long as you can.

Foot raises

This easy looking exercise is not easy at all. Lie down on the back and place your hands alongside the body. Now raise both your legs a few inches above the ground. From here on you can either hold the position for about 1 minute, get your legs down for a few seconds, and repeat. Or you can move the legs up and down without them touching the ground. Perform a few reps of these and repeat again. This workout will strengthen your core, back, and abdomen muscles. Hold something above your head to prevent the upper body from rising up.


Do not forget to work on the rest of your body. Ignoring other muscles can make the body weak. To gain abs, it is better to consult your trainer and professional dietitian to get a personalized diet plan. However, avoiding fats and excess carbs is obvious. Check with your doctor and maintain body fat level too.

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