Difference between the mature hairline and receding hairline

Difference between the mature hairline and receding hairline

Hair loss problem is getting very common among men and women. Well, there are 2 different patterns mature hairline and receding hairlines,. But, at times people are not aware about them and they think they are dealing with baldness when they are actually or not. Read the topic to learn more.

Many men fear they might face baldness or go through the problem of receding hairline. This is true that balding issue is faced by different men. In some cases, men might think they are going bald but the maturing hairline has started. But, people are not aware of the difference between the mature hairline and receding hairline. So, clear the doubts we have mentioned the difference between the two for your understanding.

Difference: Mature hairline and Receding hairline

Mature hairline

  • With age, the hairline changes like the rest of the body. When the hairline starts maturing the hairline gets higher. Mostly, the hairline changes in the teenage years, in which it has slightly rounded edges which gets higher and it becomes less defined.
  • At the age of 17, the mature hairline starts appearing or between the age of 17 to 25. From person to person the speed of this process will vary.
  • There is no relation with genetic factor as it can happen to anyone. The mature hairline is developed by around 95% of men.
  • It is possible that you might not even realize you have mature hairline because the process at a time is slow and takes time as it moves inch by inch.

Receding hairline

  • Receding hairline is the first sign of male-pattern baldness. Its common type is androgenic alopecia, which is hair loss. According to research, it affects 70% of men and 40% of women.
  • With receding hairline, there is a pattern which is followed in which crown area becomes thin and around the head, it leaves a horseshoe shape. The pattern will get deep as the condition gets worse.
  • The male pattern baldness or receding hairline occurs because the hair follicles start shrinking which happen because of hormonal changes. With this, the hair growth phase gets short. The hair falls faster because the shedding phase is the same.

What is the sign of male-pattern baldness?

  • The receding hairline starts when the mature hairline has taken its shape. The receding hairline pattern is in a horseshoe shape in which hairline recedes quickly in the temple area which can lead to balding or make the hair thin. When it reaches this point you need to consider the factor of male-pattern baldness.
  • Other signs are slower hair growth, wispy hair, irritated scalp, and hair shedding. Male-pattern baldness can get triggered when someone in your family faced this condition when they were young.

How to deal with this problem?

  • You need to find out what is the exact reason behind the process. The doctor will diagnose your problem and then tell you suitable hair loss treatment which will solve your problem.
  • At first, the doctor might recommend you medications like minoxidil and finasteride.
  • In case, the problem is getting severe and it has developed a pattern and it won’t increase further than the surgeon will recommend you hair transplant. This is because it helps in solving the problem permanently and helps in req-growth of hair at bald area.
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